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    I feel so alone and hopeless

    Hi all! Its been a while since I last visited this website but now I feel so down I ask you again to give me advice regarding my life situation. I try to describe it the best I can but maybe my charts give better insight of my problems. I've always been very introverted and difficulties with...
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    Will this year get any better for me?

    just forget it.....dont know how to delete it
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    I'm scared of my Solar Return chart. Anyone can help me with insight?

    Hello everyone. I've been having nightmares the past few weeks in which always something bad happens to my family members, especially to my mom. I feel I have to prepare for it. My birthday is next week and I checked my Solar return chart and I saw chart ruler Moon is in the 12th house. The last...
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    Shall I take this job offer?

    I got a job offer from my sister's friend. It looks promising but I'm scared of the unknown. Thanks for your help.
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    Carrier change /moving abroad over 30

    Hi, I'm 31 and been very dissatisfied with my life, and the choices I made. I always thought my problems come from relationship issues, but now that I'm alone, I realized that I don't really have a bright future outlook partly because I'm not sure I'll be able to support myself financially and...
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    Shall I open up and tell him how I feel or shall I move on?

    My bf and I got into an argument 2 days ago, more like he started verbally attacking me out of nowhere. He has this habit that when I start to think that things are going alright between us, starts to blame me in a very harsh way and it really hurts me. Its very hard to control myself and to not...
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    Shall I try to contact my ex?

    Hi, I'm new to horary. I thought I give it a try before I do something stupid. Long story short: Earlier this year I made a decision which I regret: I broke up with my ex and started "dating" his friend. Its a long distance thing, we've never even met. My ex became furious and cut both of us out...
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    Confusing karmic relationship, what to expect?

    Hi all, I wrote a post about this guy last year, you can see it here: He was my friend for almost two years, but I was magnetically attracted to him from the beginning. We recently started dating rather unexpectedly, just when...
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    I have Nessus conjunct Moon in 1st house. What does that mean?

    Virgo, less than 1 degree. Also widely conjunct my ASC. Thank you in advance
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    IS there any purpose of my life?

    I feel my life is meaningless and empty, I don't know what is my purpose. I'm extremely introverted, I have very few friends, rarely go out, mostly I just read books, playing video games, or just simply doing nothing because what is the point if we will die at some point anyway? I've always...
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    So confused about this relationship, can you please help?

    So there's this friend of mine, I know him for like a year. Since the beginning I felt a strong bond between us and I have so intense feelings its almost upsetting. This is neither romantic or sexual, I don't know what to do with him, I'd like to know what our charts show about our karmic...
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    What can you tell about our relationship?

    We've been dating for 3 years (long-distance relationship), and I wonder how it would be if we get married and live together. What are our strengths and weaknesses as a couple?
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    Is it time to quit my job?

    I'm working at this workplace for 3,5 years, and its not the first time I'm thinking about leaving. But everytime I start looking for another job, something positive happens here so I stay. Now I feel so burnt out and I can't get along with some co-workers and it makes me very stressed. I think...
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    Anxious about my future, please help

    Delete please Thanks for help .
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    Can synastry / composite show if feelings are mutual?

    Thanks for help .
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    I'm new

    Greetings everyone, I found this forum today and I thought I registrate because I was always interested in astrology. I'm not sure how this website works tho, I made a thread a few hours ago but can't see it. Is it possible that its under moderation for so long or I maybe I just failed to post it?
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    Shall I get a pet?

    Hey everyone, I'm wondering if it is the right time to get a pet. I live alone in my flat for 3,5 years and I was thinking of getting a cat as a companion. I've never really had a pet of my own because I was afraid of responsibilites and that I can't take good care of an animal (since I...