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  1. wintersprite1

    Show off your furry (or finny or feathered... or slimy) babies

    My newest love of my life, Gunther! :love: He is a K9 flunky (police dog) that I adopted. He is a Sag, so going to be a huge baby on his first birthday. My daughter swears his eyes speak of a water sign. I think he flunked out because he has an odd sense of humor.
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    And now a message from Cappys...

    Yelling goats:cool: Its a Cap thing, cracked me up! TK
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    Sitting right infront of me

    I had an epiphany today about feelings and such. I realized there is someone infront of me that I would never have considered anything serious happening... and then I wondered why. This is probably the most "honest" horarys I have done, the question came from a quiet internal voice with a...
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    Jeremy Neal Author of Orcus

    Astrology Weekly member Jeremy Neal has published his first book! After 3 years of serious research he has written the book Orcus. Orcus is available at Amazon at this link. TK
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    Make believe relationships

    I was wondering if I am the only one that runs relationship charts involving famous people and myself. I have an extra account over on just for this hobby. It make sense that we would have good synastry or composite charts, since the attraction is there in the first place. After...
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    Interactive scale of the Universe

    Scale of the Universe. Move the bar to the picture of the Sun and see our Solar System....keep going and see how small we really are. TK
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    Under The Namibian Sky

    'Under The Namibian Sky' Time-Lapse: 250 Hours Of Dazzling Night Exposures (VIDEO) Enjoy! TK
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    Annular Eclipse of the Sun and Today's night sky

    This website was just highlighted by The Mountain Astrologer magazine. An animated solar eclipse map by the Shadow and Substance website, covering the ecliptic path. TK
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    Happy Birthday piercethevale

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    Cinco de Mayo viewed by a Cancer Moon

    Having grown up in a SouthWestern region of the United States, Latin American, especially Mexican foods are a way of life. I was lucky to have many multicultural friends :love:being a military town, and learn of customs and the beginning of my love affair with foreign foods. Having a Cancer...
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    Guess the Sun, Moon and Asc

    My kids gave me permission to post their pictures and to ask, guess their big 3. They both have been brought up with a strong Astrology study background, so they also are curious of what the responses will be. Over the years, some of their info has shown on the board, and in private PMs... So...
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    Test yourself! Known results exams horary

    The eve before my daughter was to take her exams to get a GED, I wondered how she was going to do. She was homeschooled for 5 years and then did online highschool for a year, and she did real well, but I worried anyway, true to my Cancer Moon. So, I asked the question: Will R pass the tests...
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    3D Model of Astrology (Freebie)

    3D Model of Astrology. Planets, Signs and Houses at any moment. Free astrology chart online. TK
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    So cool download! Stellarium

    I just downloaded this, be sure to download the instruction manual also. This will give you the at the moment view of the sky from any location. TK
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    Message left on Facebook status

    This morning I went to my Facebook account and saw a friend of mine had left a new status message. It was out of character from what he presents on FB, and cryptic. It well could have meant anything including his employment, but somehow I feel it might have been an under the radar message I...
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    relationship mystery charts.... test yourself

    A mystery partnership..... I typed this once already and POOF the internet ate it when I hit send. So if it shows up later this is why. Included are the Composite and Davidson charts of a partnership. We get so many requests to help with relationship charts, so I thought I would post this...
  17. wintersprite1

    In Lost Horary's POF read as turned 2nd?

    I was cleaning out my son's toy box, he just turned 14 and it was a process long over due. Near the bottom I found our three social security cards (his, my daughter's and mine). I have been looking for those for over a year now. I am sure when I needed them most, I had probably done a horary...
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    Mods vs Trads a movie clip

    Saturn opposing Uranus... Amongst a million other things going on, we have gotten front row tickets to watch the Traditional vs Modern match here on AW. I don't care who started what, there is too much finger pointing and defensiveness going on. I use strictly Traditional techniques in...
  19. wintersprite1

    Career suggestions for one starting out

    My daughter is about to turn 16. I have avoided looking at the kid's charts over the years, feeling I would be meddling.... and just need to let them grow up to be their selves. She asked if I would post this so that she can get a better idea about the areas she might succeed. She is very...
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    Horary Exercise known outcome aka Elephant in the Room exhibit A

    I am posting a chart with a known outcome as an exercise I would hope to see many (and of different techniques) work with. The Chart has a known outcome. I had worked on it for about 2 hours and predicted the outcome, including location (place, height, hidden/open space, type of "room") the...