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    When i will see him

    Hello,if you want to add something for below chart plese do. My q: when i will see him(7th house) I am saturn rx in my 11th house of hopes and dreams. He is moon in his 8th and my second house. Saturn trines moon aplicant aspect. Both planets are in suucedent house and peregrine. Thank you...
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    Hello,Please help me with the chart below. My q: why he did not reply my text today? He is 7th house, i know the degree is an early one but still. I am jupiter he is mercury. my text is saturn. Mercury square saturn by separant aspect. Mercury trine jupiter aplicant aspect. Still can not figure...
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    Asteroids karma and destinn

    Hello, My astro friends, Does anyone knows how to interpret asteroids karma and destinn in the synastry? Thank you
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    Birthday reading

    Hello astro friends, Tomorrow is my birthday and if i may ask you to help me with SR reading(love and career), please. Thank you so much
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    Satrun transit and more

    Hello astro friends,, Please help me, how does tr. saturn influence love life in this period of time? Breakup, new relationship? Thank you very much
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    Number of relationship

    Hello, Can somenone help me regarding no of relationships by lookng at natal chart? As far as i know for men the applying aspect that moon make with other planets;for woman he applying aspect that sun make with other planets. PS How can you predict a breakup by looking at tr/progrss? Thank...
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    Did someone experienced thouse transits?

    Hello everyone, I need a little help please understanding the following transits.If anyone ever experienced thouse transits please share your story. tr. chiron oppose natal venus (ruler of the 7th house-taurus in 10th house-virgo) tr south node in 7th house. and square junon and...
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    My chart at the moment

    Hello, Could someone please interpret my chart, regarding my work and love life. Thank you very much.
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    So much anger

    Hello everyone, I just feel so much anger lately, everthing is going wrong. I don't want this job anymore but i have no choise, everytime i arrange a thing something or someone gets in a way. Please help me
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    My birthday

    Hello my birthday will came soon.My question is"will my love interest come to my birthday" Please help me inerpret the i can see it it is a yes thank you
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    Horary for Madhudb

    Hello everyone, Madhudb asked me to make a chart for her. Her question is "When will i have a baby?"
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    My birthday

    Hello everyone, I would like to know, please how transits and prog. will influence my birthday. Thank you in advance.
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    Will my friend work with me

    Hello everyone, My friend wants to apply to the company that i am working for. My question is "will my friend work with me?" I am mars and moon. My friend is mercury. mars conjunct mercury, but it's a separating aspect. A separating aspect always means a "no"? Thank you for your help
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    solar return

    Hello :) Can someone pleas hepl me interpret the solar return chart for this year? thank you so much
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    physical appearance of your partner by the planets in your chart?

    Hello everyone :) Does someone knows about how a certain planets in your chart can describe physical appearance of your partner? For ex. in a female chart we take sun, mars and the ruler of the 7th house. I have sun(ruler of 3rd house) in aries(10th house) trines mars(ruler of my 11th house)...
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    What is going on?

    I need help to understand what is happening in this priod of time. Everything is upside down, job is getting more and more annoying, lots of thing to cover up and cover for. I get most silly people to talk to. I am very nervous almost all the time. My energy level is very low, i am an...
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    Saturn return in 12th house and more

    Hello everyone, I need a little help please. Did anyone experinced saturn return in 12th house, also conjunct with AC(scorpio)? How did saturn return affect yourself and your love life? tr. rx jupiter also in the 7th house. tr rx jupiter square n. sun-wastefulness and arrogance. tr rx...
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    Change of the job?

    Hello everyone and Happy New Year, I have a huge question :P If anyone could help me, please. This year in April my contract will expire, will i sign a new contract or will i change my job? I attached my chart when i sign the contractand my chart in April this year. As i see my saturn ruler...
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    Transits and progresseins

    Hello :) As i can see from the attached charts, pr mars square natal venus and tr mars square n. venus. It this an aspect that could indicate something wrong regarding love? What other aspects should be take into consider to see what;s comming regarding love? Thank you
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    Is he upset

    Hello, My question is regarding 7th house(love matter);"Why didn;t he answer my messages, is he upset with me?" I am mars and moon. He is venus and sun. No major aspect between mars and venus He is in his 12th house, he is hidding? Venus in libra likes venus-himself Mars in sagit. is...