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    Evolutionary Revolutionary

    Hello and welcome JamieDawn :sideways:
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    New from Canada

    Hello and welcome @theRiversolace. Fellow Canadian here 🇨🇦
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    Should I try dating?

    I want to know if dating will be a good option for me since I'm isolated because of my health and where I live (very small town). I was looking at some dating apps since I'm not very mobile. I was wondering if it made any sense to even bother.
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    Should I try dating?

    My question seems like it shouldn’t require a horary chart. But I’ve been out of most social contact for several years due to health. It brings a lot of uncertainty to thoughts about dating. I don’t feel very “datable”. My energy levels are low and I’m literally not able to do much of anything...
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    I'm new here!

    Hello and welcome Terra
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    Hi from Canada

    Hello and welcome to a fellow Canadian astrologer
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    My introduction

    Hello and Welcome Sara :sideways:
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    what is so fun about Leo?

    I personally find Leo's always wanting to be the center of attention due to underlying insecurities. Always being center stage makes them feel good about themselves. Taking a lead position allows them to get lots of attention and they can certainly come across as being bossy. Who's going to...
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    The Dark love of Scorpio

    Scorpio is invasive and lies hidden until given reason to express itself. I had responded to this post in 2012, when it was first initiated and also when the last comment was posted. It takes the delving of a Scorpio to flush out what once was. Once again, my own Scorpio/8th house/Pluto...
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    Hi from Ireland!

    Welcome to the forums Laineydreamer.
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    Should I pursue this new relationship?

    Thank you for all the replies. My health is definitely an issue these days. I should have seen that with the 6th house emphasis and the interaction with Jupiter which rules the 6th.
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    Should I pursue this new relationship?

    It's been a while since I've posted anything on the site. I'm still not very good at horary and have Chronic Fatigue which makes this even more challenging to actually get done. I've met someone who I've been talking with for a couple months now. The energy is extremely good. The question...
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    Scorpio Sun, Sag rising

    Welcome to the forums Sophie. :sideways: :taurus::scorpio:
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    Hello and welcome! I hope you enjoy your time here. :taurus::scorpio:
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    Discussing the Saturn Transit in the signs and houses

    I've run into some physical issues myself. I don't relate that to the 12th house in anyway though. Saturn will definitely leave it's mark on our lives. Glad your transit of Saturn in your 10th brought such positive results :taurus::scorpio:
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    Discussing the Saturn Transit in the signs and houses

    Saturn transits seem to be a pain point with many. But they have the potential to be so very positive...once you get through them. I went through my second Saturn return last year. It's now going through my 12th house as well. That's the time to clear out the attic, so to speak. Deal with...
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    Next step in my astrological journey! :)

    Welcome to a fellow Minnesotan. I understand how difficult it can be to 'stick with it'. I've dabbled in astrology for too many years and have a good understanding of it. But I have the hardest time sitting down and going through a chart and making sense of it. I get distracted by things...
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    Hi everyone

    Welcome to the forums leahlee.