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  1. Ixaee

    FBI is investigating astrologers so be careful

    :lol: No agency could completely shut down astrology (or astrologers) to begin with. It's like prostitution: people will find a way. Haha.
  2. Ixaee

    Progressed chart for USA

    Re: Need help with this Just do it yourself. The United States' birthday is said to be July 4, 1776. (The date that the Declaration of Independence was signed.) The Capitol of course is Washington, DC (and is generally used for "place of birth"). Although, the Declaration of Independence was...
  3. Ixaee

    FBI is investigating astrologers so be careful

    Thanks for the heads-up! Although: as long as you're doing things the right way and staying honest in all that you do, you should have nothing to worry about. Don't fret :love: (this goes for everyone concerned about this).
  4. Ixaee

    Pluto aspect Midheaven

    This will be your career/what you're known for/your reputation in the world. To sum it up with that aspect alone, says one thing: transforming and intense. Pluto is sextile your MC -- this isn't a very strong aspect when compared to conjuncts, squares and trines. It does show that your career...
  5. Ixaee

    Woman Mars aspecting Man's Venus

    My three most intense relationships have had this --- my Mars CONJUNCT their Venus. All in Capricorn == my mars in Capricorn, men with venus in Capricorn. The three longest term relationships of my life thus far. It can work well. They respond to me nicely when I'm ready for action... if yah...
  6. Ixaee

    Planets in first and last degrees/minutes of a sign

    Degrees are something I've never seen much benefit paying attention to, in and of themselves. Aspects going to and fro matter much more. A 1 degree Sag moon operates the same as a 28 degree Sag moon. Only difference will be which aspects that moon is making to everything else and which house it...
  7. Ixaee

    improving health: what should I do?

    Typically I see Saturn squaring or opposing the Ascendant when someone is complaining about skin (acne, wrinkles, eczema, etc), premature aging and brittle nails. You have Saturn Sesquisquare Ascendant which is a weaker aspect, but still shows minor disturbance nonetheless. Ascendant will...
  8. Ixaee

    Do you have a 9th house Moon?

    I do! I do! :) Taurus Moon in 9th house.... yes, its very fitting. I love other cultures and races of people. Although, I have no plans of moving anywhere else. (I was born an American white woman & I still like it here.) Studied religion for many years and eventually (now) am practically...
  9. Ixaee

    Someone wanna take a stab at my career prospects?

    Go to, make a chart for yourself and post it. Most of us are too busy to make the chart for you. :) You'll get much more response, love.
  10. Ixaee

    How many times a day are you offended?

    Not often. It takes a lot to offend me. :kissing:
  11. Ixaee

    interpretacion of my sister's solar returns chart 2017

    In regards to relationships, not too great this year, there will be challenges. Mars conjunct Venus in 8th trine Pluto is powerful, this is a year of deep relationship issues. Both Square Saturn in 11th. She may want more from a partnership, but her partner may just want to remain friends...
  12. Ixaee

    Will i ever find a girl?

    Of course you will. Your wife will probably be from another country or culture, or another race than you are entirely. Look for foreign women. Better start exploring and keep your eyes open. ;)
  13. Ixaee

    capricorn sun taurus moon libra ascendant

    Go to, make a chart for yourself and post it here. You'll get more replies. Its better for us experienced astrologers to see the chart itself; There is a lot to look for in order to read one. :)
  14. Ixaee

    Solar return of boyfriend. Is he going to travel?

    There's a possibility of travel, with his Sun + Jupiter in 9th house. Opposite Uranus could show he will suddenly take a quick trip and be right back. Or, that he will have to travel quite unexpectedly. Sun + Jupiter in 9th could also point to him going back to college or advancing studies in...
  15. Ixaee

    Hello everybody!!!

    Welcome. :happy:
  16. Ixaee

    I've been told many time, I won't ever have babies.

    Who told you that? Your 5th house represents your children. Your 5th is ruled by Aries/Mars. Your Mars is in your 2nd house in Capricorn. AND your Mars is looking pretty good, no ill aspects that would totally prevent children in your future. If anything, being that your 5th ruler Mars is in...
  17. Ixaee

    8th House uranus

    Unexpected or electrical related. Yes. This also includes lightning. The good thing is: your death will probably be quick, and so not much suffering to endure. Stay indoors during lightning storms and away from electricity (don't mess with wires, sockets, etc any more than you have to) to be...
  18. Ixaee

    Do You Love Where You Live?

    I like it quite a lot. Love?....would be an overstatement. ;)
  19. Ixaee

    Can you tell me about Mars Conjunct Pluto Exact in a SR return Chart how bad is it

    I'm curious if you're still around; how did this aspect pan out for you? I have it this year in my SR myself. So far I can say that it is an intensely sexual aspect. One man in particular is extremely sexually thrilling for me this year. There is definitely a sense of control, obsession...