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  1. duenderoja

    Am I going through a Ketu dasha? (or sub dasha)

    Am I going through a Ketu dasha? (or sub dasha) spiritual timer for me. Kind sirs, For the past two months, I have experienced what I believe to be a very spiritual experience. It has turned my life around in a big way. I am curious to know if I am experiencing such things because of Ketu...
  2. duenderoja

    Dasha/anatardasha of divorce?

    I would like to know if Ketu is causing trouble for me. October 23, 1980 10:34am Fresno CA Thank you.
  3. duenderoja

    6th lord exalted in 11th?

    How do I interpret Venus in Pisces in the 11th? The question was “will my illness get worse?” What purpose does the 11th play? What purpose does pisces play? [ie, how is the illness described?
  4. duenderoja

    Solved — with voc Moon. Where are my Airpods?

    Lost AirPods Analysis. Here is a generic photo of the item, for those who do not know what it is: AirPods are bluetooth headphones, that cost 160 [just purchased 2 months ago!��]. I am quite distraught at this loss! Horrified, saddened greatly, and I feel quite a large vacancy in my soul...
  5. duenderoja

    Does Chiron have a purpose in solar returns?

    Does Chiron have a purpose in the solar returns? I have done research on my personal solar returns for significant years, and the past ten — because I can only remember that many, lol. Chiron was well placed to explain Emotional difficulties I had during each year. But I find it difficult...
  6. duenderoja

    Would you agree on my conclusion of our synastry? Exact aspects!

    Our relationship themes: Juno - Saturn: 0A00 Mars - Mercury: 0A06 Neptune - Pluto: 0A13 Mars - Saturn: 0A14 Venus - Neptune: 0A18 Mars - Pluto: 0A28 Venus - Venus: 0S39 Mars - Jupiter: 0S48 Uranus - Saturn: 0A50 Because these are our most exact aspects, they form the theme of our relationship...
  7. duenderoja

    Can you help me understand the story?

    Querent is Mercury, received by Quesited Jupiter by sign. Querent is in fall in Pisces, and Quesited is in a neutral sign. So if I were to understand the relation, Jupiter is taking care of mercury, but is not concerned with it totally. Mercury, being in fall, is very uncomfortable, is...
  8. duenderoja

    I do not really know or understand unaspected chart rulers in the solar return. Help?

    This year my solar return as a Virgo ascendant [same as natal]. My chart ruler, Mercury, is unaspected. I am not concerned at all with the 10th house, where Gemini is. Natally, my Mercury is in Scorpio in the 3rd. In the solar return, it is in the 2nd house, conjunct the 3rd cusp by 2°...
  9. duenderoja

    Will I marry this year? Yes, no?

    I have reason to believe that it is possible — by looking at my solar return. Now, I believe that it is possible. What periods of time during the year are auspicious? Jupiter-Saturn-Venus? Hello to all, and thank you very much.
  10. duenderoja

    Is there any way to write glyphs in text? Unicode?

    Is there any way to write glyphs in text? Unicode? I am having a very hard time trying to find symbols that I need. I cannot find part of fortune at all.
  11. duenderoja

    Is this company trustworthy?

    Will I find trouble by doing business with them?
  12. duenderoja

    Is it possible to have a second “birth”?

    Is it possible to have a second “birth”? The reason I ask is because I have had a very abusive childhood, and for a long time after. When I reached my 30s, I decided to change my name, and shed my previous experiences. I went through the motions to change my name, and when I stood in front...
  13. duenderoja

    Love life, health and finances in the coming year?

    It is my Jupiter Mahadasha, and Jupiter - Jupiter - Venus was very good for me as it established a home in which I can live for a long time. I have also established a line of income in addition to what I currently earn, while I even sleep. I am just wondering. 12/11/1980 1:48am Lansing...
  14. duenderoja

    Mars conjunct natal Pluto in solar return?

    Does anyone have any information on this, be it from a book or otherwise? I have had a difficult year, with Mars in my 4th [this past solar return], causing my lease to be nullified [good happenstance], and making me displaced temporarily [horrible happenstance]. This has happened in the last...
  15. duenderoja

    Malaise in the area of belief and cognition.

    I find that my thinking is not as sharp as it once was; this is evidenced in my work and my gaming. I just feel lazy and like I do not wish to do the work needed to figure things out, so I do not. My belief in astrology sharply waned August 2016. This was around the time Jupiter entered my...
  16. duenderoja

    Will we reconcile? (Western/Regio)

    Querent: Venus Quesited: Mars We do not behold each other but we do have mutual reception. I am retrograde and my personal feelings toward him are of distaste and general apathy but I like him and still miss him stupid as that may be. In my normal way of reading horary, sidereal/whole sign...
  17. duenderoja

    Will I be accepted as a new tenant?

    I am on a waitlist currently and I want to know if I will be accepted? Currently my sister in law is breathing down my neck and wants me out of her house. It is very uncomfortable. :( I did this in tropical and regio for you guys so it too twisty for me to read. I will try though.
  18. duenderoja

    I am looking for a new home, when will I be successful?

    Please help! I lost faith recently in astrology, so I am doubtful. But I am here anyway. I am hopeful! My brother is selling his house and I was renting a room in this house and I will be homeless soon if I do not find a place to go. My brother is not helping me find somewhere to go and I...
  19. duenderoja

    Should I purchase this vehicle?

    Should I? I did the chart in tropical and Regiomontanus houses as you please. These confuse me so I get muddled as far as translation. Querent: Sun Quesited: (the vehicle) 4th mars Quesited: (the seller) 7th Saturn Quesited: (the sale) 10th Venus In the book called "horary astrology" by...
  20. duenderoja

    My living situation has always been precarious in my life...

    I have Mars in the 4th house and I have not have had violence, but many sudden endings. My brother just entered my room this morning and told me to find another place. I am disabled and that will be a task but I am doing it right now. Sigh. I will never have a home until I am married. The...