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  1. Ixaee

    IC, 4th House, South Node and Past Lives. (Simple Interp Request)

    I'm quite seasoned in astrology but looking for some confirmation on my findings here. Consider for a moment, if you were to take NOTHING ELSE into consideration (no other aspects, signs, planets, etc) how would you personally feel about this if doing a past life reading: Sun conjunct Saturn...
  2. Ixaee

    How has life changed for you after your Saturn Return?

    I have been through mine and as hard as it was to endure, I feel as though I'm a totally different person; more grounded after having been through such heartbreaking and downright brutal challenges. I have a completely new view on life (albeit more cynical than ever) and feel more solid than I...
  3. Ixaee

    Saturn Square Ascendant - Synastry

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for some ideas on how this aspect tends to plays out.. Does this indicate that Saturn would be critical, judgmental, unapproving of Ascendant's appearance ---- or that Saturn would likely feel insecure around the Ascendant person, and attempt to "downgrade" them (in a...
  4. Ixaee

    A great site for beginners to get Free indepth Natal, Synastry and Friendship reports I've not seen this posted on the recommendations yet, and just wanted to share a site for all of the beginners out there looking for a nice place to get free reports from. (tip: remember to use the 24-hour format on your birth time input. - i.e. 11:00 pm would be 23:00...
  5. Ixaee

    Please help me with this horary??

    Hi everyone.. :love: Im trying to understand this horary, and would really love if someone would quickly glance over it and re-affirm my (very horary-amateur) findings! The situation is; I am having a small problem with my home at the moment... Im pretty confident that it will be resolved, but...
  6. Ixaee

    Which is more favorable; Solar Return ASC in 1st house or 12th?

    In 2 years, my solar return ascendant will be in my 1st house/natal... Leo... In all of my researching on Solar Returns (Im still learning this branch), I keep seeing that a 1st house ASC is very unfavorable and should be avoided if possible. The only other place I could travel to that year...
  7. Ixaee

    Jupiter RX in Solar Returns

    Hi everyone :biggrin: Im wondering how others view Jupiter Retrograde in a solar return? Being that it is retrograde, would it null most of the beneficial energy that Jupiter would bestow in that year? Or simply make it more difficult to manifest? (Im aware that the house/aspects/degrees...
  8. Ixaee

    Understanding Past-Lives through our natal charts

    Ive been researching this quite a lot lately, and unfortunately, Im not finding too much information on it... What influences in our natal charts can indicate past lives? Besides our South Node / 4th house + aspects and rulers, what else can show or indicate past lives, re-incarnation, soul...
  9. Ixaee

    Who vandalized my vehicle!? Please help me with this horary!!

    Edit: Its all resolved now :wink:
  10. Ixaee

    Astrology & Your Dosha type

    Hi everyone, I would love to see how many people really relate to a certain body type, depending on the dominant elements in their charts. For instance; I have a majority of fire in my chart (4 planets + ascendant) and I tested +40 on the PITTA type, which is mostly related to FIRE. True for...
  11. Ixaee

    Astrology of Natural Disasters

    Hi everyone, Im wondering if anyone has any idea of what could trigger/cause natural disasters on an astrological level. As most of us know, Japan was hit with a 9+ mag earthquake last year that then spawned the Tsunami. Now, this morning, about 4 hours ago -- they have gotten 2 more...
  12. Ixaee

    A Child's Chart -- alcohol/drug-use potential??

    Hi everyone, Im working on this child's chart, and would like a second opinion please.... The Moon/Neptune/Chiron conjunction in 10th, opposite Mars in 4th is concerning me quite a bit. Especially with their 12th house ruler being Mars.. so its tying all together more.. Am I looking at this...
  13. Ixaee

    (surviving) our Progressed Lunar Returns

    I am a few months away from my first progressed lunar return and feeling a bit unsure over it... :pinched: Im still fairly new to progressions, but I gather that this is emotional preparation for the Saturn return, which comes a year or so later, correct? Much of the information Ive been...
  14. Ixaee

    Best Astrology software? (modern members)

    Im wondering what (if any) software you modern members here use? Ive explored Janus and loved it!! Is there anything better than Janus going around these days? :biggrin:
  15. Ixaee

    Guess your Perfect Partner's signs!

    Im interested to see if others wonder this too, lol.... what the most compatible person would be to them, astrologically speaking! My closest guess, for myself, would be a man with; Sun in Capricorn - or Pisces - or Cancer Moon in a water sign - or in an earth sign - or Sagittarius Mars in...
  16. Ixaee

    Sexual fantast aspect?

  17. Ixaee

    8th house ruler in 5th house, does it indicate death of a child?

    Does this placement generally indicate loss of a child? Does anyone here have any experience on reading or living with this?
  18. Ixaee

    Will I ever find a fulfilling relationship ??

    Ive recently began dating again after being single for 3 years... Though Im feeling pretty weary about it and almost pointless at times! I meet plenty of men and suitors, but none that Im really interested in.. My Venus just progressed into the 6th house, so Im on the look out for meeting...
  19. Ixaee

    Neptune in 10th = Parent dies early?

    Ive read an interpretation on that Neptune in 10th could indicate an early death of a parent (likely by water) while you are still a child....... Has anyone any experience with this?? What do you think of this aspect itself?
  20. Ixaee

    Should I move here ?? Help please?

    Ive been really strapped financially lately, so my housing options have been limited, but just recently I found -- and was approved for -- a VERY affordable townhouse. But its also pretty far away...... and a completely new city/town. I want a stable dwelling. Should I take this offer and...