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  1. Dew9

    If mercury is in fall in Pisces, what does it mean if Mercury is in cazimi with Sun?

    This is really very enriching information, thank you Dr Farr. But exactly what do u mean by the fall degree- what does that mean? Is there a specific degree for the fall of Mercury in Pisces or it is the same degree for all the planets?
  2. Dew9

    Sun 324 deg 57', Mercury 325 deg 13', same sign, is this cazimi?

    Both sun and Mercury are in Pisces and I was guessing since it is 16 mins difference, it is cazimi, right? Why then do some astrologers say that the mind of the person is weak? :annoyed: Is such a cazimi a bad thing?:surprised: N Yes, both are in Pisces 2nd house.
  3. Dew9

    Mercury in Dignity and Debility

    Ah, in my case, Jupiter is conjunct Neptune in Capricorn. So, I guess this must be giving me some sort of hardworking and detail picking skills.
  4. Dew9

    Mercury in Dignity and Debility

    Hey Juicey J. Yes, Mars is angular in Scorpio in 10th. Uranus is merely succeedent but in Sagittarius so giving some fire. Uranus also squares that cazimi of Mercury n Sun while Mars trines them. Yes, Uranus is also conjunct My Mars. And Mars also squares Venus and opposes Moon. As for Pluto...
  5. Dew9

    If mercury is in fall in Pisces, what does it mean if Mercury is in cazimi with Sun?

    I have this aspect and was wondering what it would imply since both that Mercury cazimi Sun are in 2nd house.
  6. Dew9

    Mercury in Dignity and Debility

    If Mercury is in fall in Pisces what does it mean then if that Mercury is in cazimi with the sun and both in 2nd house?? Just wondering as I have this...
  7. Dew9

    Interesting chart-just for fun, what do you think?

    any one? any opinions?
  8. Dew9

    Interesting chart-just for fun, what do you think? I was just checking this for fun and found that the chart is interesting to read. I am a beginner and felt I might just check what others...
  9. Dew9

    Empty leg of t-square in Leo 7th, what it means?

    I am a beginner, I have an t-square with the empty leg in Leo 7th house. I was doing some research about what it means in terms of resolving the t-square issues. Of course the links I got on the web are not that specific and I would want to get other views... Oh yes the t-square is with Mars...
  10. Dew9

    Rethinking Mercury in Pisces..

    That is pretty interesting. I have Mercury in Pisces in cazimi with my sun in Pisces. :love: And yes both in 2nd House. :love: Saturn and Mars both in Scorpio in 10 trine with that Mercury, so I guess that holds me back into practicality whenever I slide in the usual imaginative and dreamy...
  11. Dew9

    Types of Karma

    Thank you for the great thread. I am amazed at how it explains so many things that happen to me and so many things that had not been clear to me uptil now. Mine seems to be the Karma of possesive attachment I do have a T-square between my Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius and guess where they are...
  12. Dew9

    Scholarship? Please check my reading.

    The question is will I get this scholarship? It will start next September but I need to apply for it during this Venus retro period because of deadline issues. Basics: Moon not void, no late or early descent, no combustion, no saturn in 7th (saturn is querent, so no problem, right) Quesited...
  13. Dew9

    Which is the strongest planet in this chart? Plz guide, I am a beginner.

    well, age 5 my mum had a nervous breakdown...if that is relevant. age 8, i am surrounded by close relatives who relocated or kept travelling but yes I think around that time one uncle did. My grandfather died when I was 8.Yes. @dhundhun Thank you. That cazimi state reminds me of my luck in...
  14. Dew9

    When is Mr Right going to pop up? :) Can astrology predict that?

    Hmm, you are right about the entanglement when T Neptune conjuncted N Venus. It happened and somehow it seems too good to actually end it..:( I confess there might be a dose of illusions in it but we found out it is a too beautiful relationship to miss it even if we both try and are very...
  15. Dew9

    Is he cheating on me?

    Thank you Serendipity Thank you Veronica. That does help me clarify things in my mind. I was also lately doing a lot of rethinking and had finally resolved to let time show me the way. I sent a long sincere msg to him telling him about how I am also very unhappy with the situation and that I...
  16. Dew9

    Is he cheating on me?

    Thanks Veronica. I agree deep inside I do feel maybe he is rethinking... I am just not sure whether he is cheating or merely needs space to do his rethinking. We agreed that we both give each other the freedom to move on if the other feels that they have met someone else. But he constantly keeps...
  17. Dew9

    Is he cheating on me?

    My boyfriend and I are far from each other. I have my family and work issues and he has his studies and financial struggles. We have been pretty connected and intense about each other and yet since some time now I feel he is much more silent, evasive and pensive. When we talk there is a sense...
  18. Dew9

    Which is the strongest planet in this chart? Plz guide, I am a beginner.

    That is two Senior members saying Mars and two saying Moon. I'll have to proceed by elimination? :surprised::sad: Astrologer50, I am still going through the links and they are interesting and enriching. Thank you Tikana and DrFarr, Mars seems to work in pouts for me often times. Unless I am...
  19. Dew9

    Can someone check if I am doing this right? Please.

    The question is 'Will I get this job?' I have added the chart based on the time I thought of the question and I am trying to apply the reading from Houlding and one nice 7 rules link posted on AW So, yea, the querent is Mars (aries...
  20. Dew9

    Horary for beginners - 7 rules

    This is great. Thanks :)