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  1. moonwitch

    Will we ever be together?

    Hello FireNwater: According to Bonatti, the answer to your question is a resounding yes. :smile: Venus, the quesited is in the first house of the querent - "the quesited comes to the querent". :tongue:
  2. moonwitch

    Marriage Still Possible?

    I sent a private message VenusS. Thank you.
  3. moonwitch

    Marriage Still Possible?

    Hello: I would like to know if marriage is still possible for me. Thank you. Namaste :smile:
  4. moonwitch

    What sticks out to you first in this synastry chart?

    Sun conjunct Moon - lovely, lovely. :love: Moon conjunct Uranus/Saturn - why does it feel like this person (Uranus/Saturn) keeps either pressuring me or moving away from me? :pouty:
  5. moonwitch

    I have the worse chart ever.

    Haha! Of course you think have Mars in Virgo on the were Born to Kvetch! :happy: Also your dignified Sun, sextiling Jupiter in 1 and trining your impatient Aries Moon, with Jupiter tickling it from across the way, will let you think that nothing is happening fast enough...
  6. moonwitch

    date yes or no

    Hi Chris10: Is there any chance you could PM me the data? The charts on the computer are soooo small. Thanks. :smile:
  7. moonwitch

    Duplicate Signficator & Planets in the Houses

    I've used this idea occasionally because it seemed to fit the situation but only with the 3rd and 10th house for some reason, ie: public communications OR mother and sister. So I was linking the two ideas but wouldn't necessarily suggest they were working together. I have no idea whether this...
  8. moonwitch

    Same ruler for Querent and Questid?

    I'm convinced that somewhere in Christian Astrology, Lilly says that if you need to you can use the ruler of an intercepted sign in the first house as another significator for the querent. I've been looking for the page this weekend but haven't been able to find it yet. When I do, I'll post...
  9. moonwitch

    Will we become a couple?

    Hello Venusine: Saturn indicates a communication breakdown in this particular chart and rules the 4th house: "end of matters". Your significators are not in aspect to one another indicating that nothing will develop. You are also in a beneficial place: ASC (you) conjunct Spica, a very...
  10. moonwitch

    Will I have a relationship with him?

    Thanks for the update Invicta; much appreciated. Sorry it didn't work out - I'm sure there's someone better for you out there! :smile:
  11. moonwitch

    This male higher up I can no longer stand - He's been making my life hell

    Hi LostinPhilly: An extremely quick look reveals that his sig, Saturn is applying to a trine with Uranus (separations) which is also retrograding to meet Saturn. I haven't checked an ephemeris to see if they meet exactly but it could be that he will be gone at some point. I'd encourage you to...
  12. moonwitch

    Will I ever have a long-term relationship?

    Thanks very much Kannon. Your interpretation is very impressive; I had no idea you could do that with declinations! I will definitely look into that further.
  13. moonwitch

    Will I ever have a long-term relationship?

    Hello: Thanks to everyone who responded. Thanks for pointing this out katydid. This made me look at the chart differently and I think I see it more clearly now. The Lord of 7 is Saturn, (the Grim Reaper) found in the 8th house of death, opposing Sun, Lord of the Ascendant. I see that as...
  14. moonwitch

    Will I ever have a long-term relationship?

    Hi: As you can see by the chart, I'm middle-aged, and I have never had an LTR. I'm wondering if it is still possible or whether it simply isn't a good idea - that any relationship I have will be unhappy. I'm interested in modern, traditional and Jyotish views if anyone cares to have a look...
  15. moonwitch

    Should I apply to this Masters degree?

    Hello LostinPhilly: I’m a student yet; thanks for posting the chart and letting me practice. Considerations Before Judgement: 1. The planetary hour ruler is Jupiter which doesn’t match the ASC: the question is not radical. 2. The ASC is at a good degree. 3. The Moon is...
  16. moonwitch

    Should I apply to this Masters degree?

    Thanks! I'll have a look. Stay safe in the hurricane!
  17. moonwitch

    Should I apply to this Masters degree?

    Sorry, is there a chart? Thanks. :o
  18. moonwitch

    Nursing/psychology ?

    Hi Chrysalis: For psychology I'd use 9th. If you're talking about learning nursing I'd use 9th as well, otherwise for someone working as a nurse I'd use 6th. Cheers.
  19. moonwitch

    Significator cazimi means ?

    Hi Chrysalis: I had Mercury Cazimi once where Mercury was not either a significator in the question nor a dispositor of the sigs but it ruled the 6th house. I stood there (at the library) staring and staring at the chart until finally it hit me: I had forgotten to give the cat her medication...
  20. moonwitch

    Significator cazimi means ?

    Hi Chrysalis: According to Lilly, Cazimi makes the planet "wondrous strong". (I don't have the book with me at the moment so can't give a page number)