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    Using Traditional Decans

    A few weeks ago a forum member included an chart with 'traditional' decan(ate)s. If I remember, I think about decanate influence as an additional influence to interpretation. I've come up with a snag! I have always understood that the 'traditional' decanates were divisions of...
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    Leo intercepted.

    Hi, I've been long pondering over the manifested influence of natal Sun in any sign when its ruling sign Leo is intercepted in the chart. After all, natal Sun is what it's all about, isn't it? Do those with such a placement experience that natal Sun shines through its connection with the house...
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    21st Centruy Astrology

    In the 'Read My Chart' Section, under 'Mars Transit in same sign........', forum member 'Spock' in answering the querent provides two personally written articles concerning the importance (if any) of astrological cycles. IMHO the articles are, or can be become quite inspirational to the...
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    Ethics of astrological interpretation.

    Hi Everyone, I don't know which section this query should be placed, so am placing it here. I am feeling a dilemma of conscience. How do you treat, and what do you do when a chart seems to scream a particular message, yet that would not be positive of nature for the client to hear? As...
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    Lyme Disease

    In the 'Ongoing issues/Lymph nodes' thread, Vista mentioned the possibility of (undiagnosed) Lyme disease. A Mars significance was mentioned. A Google check of 'Astrology+Lyme disease' produced many sites but not any reference to a specific astrological correspondence to the disease, other than...
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    Will colleague keep her job?

    This is the horary chart I was referring to in the 'Old or New horary chart'in the technique section. I got the facts wrong regarding the trine to Saturn ....not to harsh aspect; sorry! I'd be grateful for the astro. explanations for reasoning. Thanks.
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    Old or New Horary Chart?

    Hi all, I have a question regarding rules and/or technique. Someone places a question regarding if they would hold their job. The horary chart doesn't provide a definite answer; 50/50 no/yes. The 'yes' is because of a technique called 'the light of a 3rd planet.':confused: The person...
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    Change in details

    Hi, I have a general question, if anyone can answer. 'Secret' placed a question in the medical section concerning a natal chart. The time the question was raised was used to make an horary chart in the health section of this board. The natal chart placed in the medical section is...
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    The Neptune in Sagittarius in 10th Generation

    Hi, A much respected Dutch astrologer said of Neptune in Sagittarius that it 'is a gift from God'. Your Neptune in Sagittarius is either conjunct MC or in the 10th house. Have you followed a vocational direction in spite of all odds, or have you given up on the manifestation of the dream and...
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    Mars-Uranus in harsh aspect

    Although Greybeard's original thread has been removed to the Celebrity section, I am placing this post on this board because it refers to an aspect between two planets in general rather than to John Denver's chart in particular. It is, however, in response to Greybeard's general understanding of...
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    Black Moon Lilith in Libra

    This quote came from A.M. in another thread relating to something entirely different than this thread heading, yet it has coincided with thoughts I have had in what I have been noticing happening a lot recently. Throwing advice to the wind, an adversity to advice, not wanting to heed advice...
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    Lunar Eclipse charts.

    Hi Everyone, Does anyone have any experience with interpretation of charts drawn up for location at the moment of a Lunar (or Solar) Eclipse? The March lunar eclipse strides my husband's Asc.-Desc.. A member from another group mentioned the eclipse significance without going into further details...
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    That astronaut lady.

    Our news picked up on the story of the love sick U.S. astronaut. Anybody have her birth data? F.
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    Cancer as ailment in the chart.

    I thought to change this to a new thread. Hi Carole, I think it is highly probable. It is something that 'eats away inside', after all. Dr. ingrid Naiman ( did a study of the disease and found Mars to be a significant factor, which would account for the repressed anger, as...
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    Physical complaint arising!

    Hi All, I thought those interested in health astrology might find this a good example of correlation. I have Jupiter on 18 Leo in the 12th house square Sun on 21 Taurus in the 9th house. This square is under the influence of the transiting Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune square in the fixed signs in my...
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    Asteroids and other astrological significators

    Hi, For anyone interested, which I also posted on another board. Yesterday evening we received the sad news that my youngest niece's husband did not recover from a heart seizure. He was a heart patient. My natal chart is still undergoing the transiting Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune T-square to...
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    Lilith in the lives of Men.

    For Starnoud: The floor is yours!:D F.
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    A living example of the MEAN Black Moon Lilith at work ?

    For anyone who may be interested: I asked and received permission to post the birth data and following dream here. In her own words, this very troubled person has 'found Jesus and come out of the darkness.' Birth data 29-07-1966, 22.50, Columbus, Ohio. There was discussion as to whether...
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    Validity of Question/Answer.

    Hi, I'm still learning horary from the questions/answers seen here. If someone asks the same question but at several different times, is the outcome always the answer at the time of the latest question, or the original one ? Just curious. F.
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    Scarred for life.......Chiron ?

    This isn't actually 'medical', so I've placed the thoughts here. Have you never been in a war, never fought (in) a battle, never physically harmed anyone or been physically harmed? Yet if you look at your body, are there scars that have appeared for one reason or another? During a lazy...