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  1. Della122

    Which job suits my boyfriend?

    Hi guys, I need help to assess which job suits my boyfriend, because he has started to get tired of his usual long job, which I think might have been better for him to be his own boss when it comes to work I may be wrong Also, because I usually mixed feel about his birth chart, because he...
  2. Della122

    Dominated planets

    I look inside my personal natal chart dominated planets that I've seen but says that the wild dominate me most as a person? I have mercury and venus also jupeter also I have signs Scorpio and Gemini, capricorn who also scored the highest would somewhat explain myself more precisely why they do...
  3. Della122

    hallo from Norway

    hello i am new here i come from Norway, think will be exciting to meet new people here and had learned more about astology, hope you have a wonderful day Sun in Gemin moon in sagittarius sagittarius rising:joyful::pouty:
  4. Della122

    can anyone help me to understand my personality better

    hi i am new on this page to get interested in astrology, to needed help in understanding my map more to the planets coming inside my chart and to come with knowledge of my personality. hope you take inntersesse thanks and hug :biggrin...