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  1. Saggal

    Astrology Software

    Hi AutumnMoonfire I am a Mac user as well and have used TimePassages for years which I am very satisified. It does list the transits as well a a grid. I have the Advanced Edition, but if you want the synastry or solar returns you will need the Complete Edition. I think you will be pleased...
  2. Saggal

    An awesome FB page that I wanted to share: Also: As well as: :happy:
  3. Saggal

    Where Is Your Moon?

    And another Cappy Moon! I am proud of my Cappy Moon....a Sag Sun with Leo Asc, keeps me grounded. I became interested in Astrology when I was about 20 yrs old.
  4. Saggal

    My pluto 2 house

    Inquisitive.....I also have Pluto in 2nd House, in Virgo--Feeling the same as you, I know I have to make money to survive, but definitely not obsessed, nor materialistic. True...katydid, I do have strict rules/opinions as well Sooo true kimbermoon :pluto::square::sun: I tend to feel obligated...
  5. Saggal

    Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn

    Everyone should be able to see this from January 20 - February 20, 2016. Last time was 10 yrs ago, January 2005....Awesome
  6. Saggal

    Anyone else with Chiron in 7th House?

    I sooo agree guardian00angel…I have Chiron, Aquarius, 7th house…. I have read that the house Chiron is in is where we tend to have recurring problems and it shows where we help others more than we can/do for ourselves---the sign Chiron is in tells us how our problems will work out.
  7. Saggal

    Anyone else with Chiron in 7th House?

    How has it affected your relationships?
  8. Saggal

    What constitutes as a poorly placed planet? Is it its location or aspects or what?

    When I had posted a while back, I was trying to locate in my chart what I have been looking for concerning my sons…My Sun is in 5th House (Sag) combust Jupiter (Placidus)---when I use Koch-- Saturn in Capricorn is also in 5th House…I lost both my sons (and only children)---several yrs ago. I...
  9. Saggal

    Whats your 5th house like!

    My 5th is Sagittarius--combust Jupiter. I consider myself creative, I love learning astrology and really into music. I do wanna learn more about this as I have read differing opinions.
  10. Saggal

    Astrology Software

    Thanx for the info zoidsoft….this is good to know :biggrin: I did get "TimePassages" and am pleased so far Awesome-- Hellenistic Astrology, that's my next mission!
  11. Saggal

    what kind of musical instruments you like?

    In Elementary School & High School, I was in the Band….Absolutely loved it! I started with the Flute, then to the Clarinet, Oboe & Bassoon. Continued on to the Piano. When I came to the Atl. I attended an Audio Recording School (one of the "older" students I must say). It was awesome...
  12. Saggal

    Astrology Software

    Just wondering if anyone has tried the "TIMEPASSAGES" software by Henry Seltzer? I have a mac, so I thought I'd give this one a try….
  13. Saggal

    Partial Solar Eclipse Scorpio New Moon Oct 23: Diving Deep

    The Solar Eclipse begins here @ 5:51 pm…Thursday evening. We are more than prepared :smile: The job is just gonna have to wait on me this time, I'm not missing this one!
  14. Saggal

    Hey Everyone :))

    Good evening Zarathu I wanna learn as much as possible…. Sometimes, "Life" throws a few BIG curves…. I have had to put my astrology studies on the back burner, but I have always picked it back up….It's my comfort zone… And "Thanks" for your reply :)
  15. Saggal

    Hey Everyone :))

    I'm Christi… Been trying to learn astrology on my own for years, but I did take an online course finally. I actually enjoyed and learned more than I expected. You definitely need a human to talk to sometimes on this. I'm sure you'll know that I'm a Sag... with Leo Rising, Capricorn Moon Glad...