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  1. LovelyMissAries

    Mars / Uranus / NN conjunction

    It's in the late degrees of Taurus and going to be in my 12th house I believe. I'm researching, but Mars / Uranus there makes me uneasy. I'm actually afraid I'm going to die or something. Are there
  2. LovelyMissAries

    Is An Employee Bringing Drugs In?

    Plain and simple. Is an employee (as in Coworker) bringing drugs into the facility? It would obviously be illegal if so. I'm looking at Moon and L6... It fits into a conversation I had with someone where they mentioned they thought it was a male bringing substances in. And in the chart you...
  3. LovelyMissAries

    Will work go smoother this week?

    The job I've been at for a couple of months (a facility) is... not what I expected to say the least. Last and this week have been making me Big Mad. I'm continuing keeping my composure, but something within is getting fed up being bossed around all the time (this is in general too, I just need a...
  4. LovelyMissAries

    Will he win the lawsuit?

    My boyfriend is suing a company for shoddy, incomplete work and damage to his house. Will he win the lawsuit? Lily says this is a L1 / L7 (boyfriend L1, Company is L2) matter and if both sigs are conjoined, the parties will settle easily. He then goes on to mention the 10th house and see which...
  5. LovelyMissAries

    Pisces in your chart

    What house does Pisces rule in your chart and what time do you go to bed?
  6. LovelyMissAries

    Figuring Out Jupiter In Pisces

    I was wondering how Jupiter in Pisces will affect me this year as it's going through my 10th house. I'm not quite sure I believe the hype about it bringing just "so many blessings" and wanted to brainstorm... First, Jupiter rules my 7H of other people, partnerships, etc. However my natal...
  7. LovelyMissAries

    Historical Figure Chart

    I didn't know if this could be posted in "Read My Chart", but this is a historical figure I'm fascinated by and I wanted to see how much accurate info we could gather from their Chart before explaining who they are! 1. How did they die? 2. What were they known for? 3. What was their social...
  8. LovelyMissAries

    Will she stop being mad at me next week?

    For the past 2 days my coworker, who I normally get on with, seems completely distant and cold towards me. I was wondering if she will stop this behavior towards me next week and be friendly like normal. Moon is Via combusta in Scorpio, 7H She is Venus in the 9H It seems she's learned...
  9. LovelyMissAries

    Will my ex-friend respond? Known answer.

    My previous BFF basically cut me out of her and her husband's life when I started dating my now BF. Nobody knows why, and if they do they're not saying... but that's beside the point. It's been over a year and I miss her sometimes. I texted her and told her if she ever wants to just grab lunch...
  10. LovelyMissAries

    Will I get a second interview?

    I applied at a prison and the job would pay me triple what I'm making right now. I interviewed and the woman on the panel seemed to like me, indicating to save my forms I was directed to bring for the second interview. It's been two days though and I haven't heard anything. There's more...
  11. LovelyMissAries

    What is the "sign" about?

    In my life when I've seen "114" or "411" there is usually bolded information/ happening that follows. 411 has been showing up for me for a few months now like crazy! I don't feel like it's bad, but that whatever is going to occur or come about is something I need to prepare for if that makes...
  12. LovelyMissAries

    Will I qualify?

    I qualified for the initial employment screening process at a state job, but the background is very intense and it makes me nervous overall. Orig. I was asking if I will qualify for the next level of employment with this job, but I think it's "Will I pass their background check" I don't know...
  13. LovelyMissAries

    Does my bf upset me on purpose?

    I tend to cry easy when my bf says something I find hurtful or offensive. I've gotten a lot better with my anxiety and calming down, but I'm still upset easily by things he says sometimes. I asked the chart if he upsets me on purpose .. L1/L7 He's in my 1H which is positive, but in the late...
  14. LovelyMissAries

    Do my bosses dislike me already?

    I started a new job last week as a receptionist / file clerk. My manager is always upbeat with me, but I wonder if since last week they have started forming negative opinions about me because of how I look. L1 >> L10 Taurus Moon 1H in the Virgoan deg sq. Saturn in Aquarius 10H in the Libran...
  15. LovelyMissAries

    Will I get the job? (2 parts!)

    These past four months have been a wringer. I'm unemployed and living on a prayer. I recently applied to for a government position and "Failed" the medical exam. I don't know how, but once I find out through their letter I will appeal it if I can. In the meantime I applied to other salaried...
  16. LovelyMissAries


    If you want to know how someone acts / does everyday specifically- look at their 1H and ruler, Moon, and their 6H / 6H planet.
  17. LovelyMissAries

    Will our relationship grow deeper? (Long)

    please delete ....................
  18. LovelyMissAries

    Late Rising Sign / House

    **If this needs to be moved, please do. I wasn't sure what thread it would fit into when I looked.** My rising sign is 23 degrees Gemini. When I use Placidus, a large portion of that house falls in my 12th, and a large portion of my 2H ruler, Cancer, is actually in my 1st. If this happens, is...
  19. LovelyMissAries

    Will my boyfriend win against the company?

    My boyfriend got solar panels for his house under the guise the company contract would provide him with adequate equipment for the panels to work. However it has come out the salesman he signed with flat out lied about the cost of energy production and what it would take to efficiently run an...
  20. LovelyMissAries


    The middle and end of April sucked, to be honest. And now looking at my transits I see why.. Uranus in Taurus / 12H, which was NOT ONLY recently right on my Moon for the 3rd time, but now is almost exactly opposing my 5H Pluto in Scorpio. Mars in Cancer / 1H - Why yes, I have been crying an...