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    Hello can someone tell me my dominant planets and sign thank you so much

    no one thinks Venus is dominant? Sun rules ASC > Venus rules Sun. Venus conjunct Nadir > Venus opposite MC. Venus rules MC!
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    Crowded 8th house (in Leo) Saturn, Libra Moon, Libra NN, Virgo Mars - clarity needed

    i would only consider your mars/saturn/vertex conjunction to be in the 8th house. according to the koch house system i use, your moon/node/fortune conjunction falls well into the 9th house. so for the moon, i'd look for write-ups on the 9th house, and that should ring truer than 8th house stuff...
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    See the unseen in my chart

    how tall are you? i imagine you're fairly tall...
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    The Astrology of Myers-Briggs Personality Types

    infp introversion: scorpio rising, pluto in 1st house, pluto conjunct ascendant, sun in 6th house, mercury in 6th house, mercury retrograde, venus trine saturn, jupiter opposite saturn intuitive: mercury in aries, mercury square neptune, mercury square uranus, moon conjunct mars, moon in 8th...
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    Something about Scorpio Ascendant

    scorpio rising here and have had countless near death experiences that i remember quite vividly. some out curiousness, another carelessness, the others recklessness, and probably many others which didn't pass my threshold of awareness. scorpio dominant in a chart implies death experiences in...
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    Genius Aspects

    funny you should describe him as a "walking encyclopedia", that's an apt result of having mars quintile to mercury if i ever heard one. mars=walking/encyclopedia=mercury cool edit: actually, your father has a Quintilian triangle between Mercury, the Moon and Mars, which is fairly uncommon...
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    Are we compatible?

    based off the little information provided, i can tell you that both of those cusps are sextile each other by sign, so you have suns and possibly some personal planets sextile to each other in your synastry (didn't actually cast charts, as you didn't provide the time/place of you or your partner...
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    Speech problems indications in natal chart

    sorry, i'm using the Koch house system. although, i'd wager it's more in the 9th than the 8th, but that's besides the topic at hand
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    ^ interesting method of choice...
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    Speech problems indications in natal chart

    I would attribute it in part to saturn in your 3rd house and in its sign of greatest influence with your sun and the difficult to grasp outers all cojoined to it. yea id slide uranus into 3rd obv, and jupiter into ninth which promises you have the faculties to overcome any such difficulties...
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    Oh how compatible... ? (Composite and Synastry)

    let this one fall into the abyss, i suppose...
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    Cancer Mars/Moon conjunct Vertex... thus Sirius?

    Question on orbs of vertex conjunctions and if my placement of the Vertex being between Sirius and my Moon/Mars conjunction in the 8th house counts as being one aspectual unit... also, it appears all 4 four of these are technically Trine my Ascendant, is this possible for the Vetex and Fixed...
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    Can you guess my Ascendant (rising sign)?

    gemini rising scorpio sun would be my first guess or vice versa
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    Guess my rising sign!

    cancer sun aquarius rising
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    8th House Sun and Astrology

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    Moon square Pluto How it feels

    we're all looking at the same thing in the end (ourselves)
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    Moon square Pluto How it feels

    thank you for this highly effective metaphor and the accompanying story which created it, very enlightening mr greybeard
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    In which house does my Uranus/Neptune Conjunction fall?

    In Placidus, one half (Uranus) is in the 2nd, while the other (Neptune) is in the 3rd (see first attachment) In Koch the entire conjunction is sorted into the 3rd house (second attachment)... Which system is more accurate, and how does the fact that both planets are in retrograde affect their...
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    What is your closest aspect?

    1: Pluto square Midheaven orb +0°24' 2: Moon conjunction Mars orb +0°46' 3: Uranus sextile Ascendant orb -1°01
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    Are you trying to embrace pluto and use it Positively

    12th or 1st house, if you don't mind me asking?