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  1. Lulu-B

    Zimmerman Acquitted During Grand Sextile

    Has anyone discussed yet George Zimmerman being tried and acquitted during A Grand Sextile?
  2. Lulu-B

    Drakonic charts showing Familial Relationships

    Robert Blaschke writes that familial relationships show in comparing one's Drakonic charts to family members natal charts. Not sure if this was the right area to put this, but I thought it would be fun to discuss. I found a lot of corresponding degrees in my Drakonic chart when comparing it to...
  3. Lulu-B

    Read My Chart Please, Mental Illnesses Aplenty

    Would anyone like to take a crack at reading my chart. I would LOVE it! I have Sun conjunct Neptune. My chart in is my album, but Dec. 9, 1978 Carmichael, CA 10:38 AM. Thanks.
  4. Lulu-B

    Best Degree Symbols to use for analysis?

    I love studying degree analysis. Does anyone find that a particular author is best? Do you prefer Sabian Symbols or another's interpretation of the symbols?
  5. Lulu-B

    Should I use Dwadashamsas Degree analysis in Sidereal only?

    If I am analyzing Dwads should I stay within Sidereal degrees?
  6. Lulu-B

    HELP! Is Moon near 4th cusp considered in 4th House in Vedic astrology?

    I have read before that if a planet is within a few degrees of an angular house it is considered in the angular house. Does Vedic do this at all? My moon is at 28'08" Pisces in the 3rd house (Vedic), should I consider it in 4th when interpreting? Thanks.
  7. Lulu-B

    Moon Pluto and Bulimia

    Moon Pluto Eating Disorders and Bulimia I have read in an astrology magazine some years ago that Moon Pluto hard aspects are found in the charts of bulimic people. I have Moon opposite Pluto and am bulimic. I was looking up Demi Lovato's (who is also bulimic) and there was a Moon opposite Pluto...
  8. Lulu-B

    What Song Was #1 When You Were Born?

    I would love to hear from people what song was #1 on the charts when they were born and if they think it relates to them or their charts. Mine was "Le Freak" by Chic. You can try this link to find your song
  9. Lulu-B

    Question about Conjunction

    I have heard somewhere a long time ago if planets are at the same degree of different signs may consider them as if conjunct. What do you all think? Also, I have read that parellels are considered like conjunctions as well. Why is this? and, if this is so, what would a contr-parellel be like, an...
  10. Lulu-B

    Pre-Natal Eclipse Past Life Location

    So, I've read before in Rose Lineman's book about Pre Natal eclipses that you lived a past life near where the eclipse happened. What do you all think about that? Also, she states that if your line and someone else's (I'm quoting from memory, sorry) meet you had a life with them around that...
  11. Lulu-B

    Harmonics,in Tropical or Sidereal?

    What do people think about that?
  12. Lulu-B

    Does Capricorn influence men to have a goatee?

    What do you think influences men to wear a goatee? Maybe Capricorn, or even the year of the goat (which is relative to the sign of Cancer).
  13. Lulu-B

    Scorpio boss said exotic dancers are always Sags and Geminis

    A few years ago my Scorpio boss who was a dentist who hangs out at nicer gentlemans' clubs said exotic dancers are mostly Sagittarius and Gemini. Funny because I was one before I worked for him and am a Sagittarius. What do people think of this doctor's observation?
  14. Lulu-B

    Anyone have reaccuring degrees in their or family members charts?

    Anyone want to share their reaccuring family members or their own charts degrees? I'd love to here them.
  15. Lulu-B

    astrology and your blood type

    So, lately have been interested in blood types. Came across this site which shows someone's research on natal charts and blood type. what do you all thinkl about this? Oh, I am AB+. If you know yours or have an opinion tell me what you think of this...
  16. Lulu-B

    Anyone Have Any Conception Chart Rectification Info?

    I tried some years ago to rectify a conception chart based on this book I have, Zolar's Book of Reincarnation. Here are the instructions it gives: 1. Obtain a correctly calculated Natal CHart and ascertain whether the Natal Chart Moon is increasing (going from the New to the Full Moon) or...
  17. Lulu-B

    New Ascendant For Everyone?

    I read recently that in some ancient astrology the Part of Fortune was actually used as the starting point in a chart for what would be similar to the 12 Houses, they were called Lots. I believe they gave the POF such value because they considered the Sun your fatherand the Moon your Mother. The...
  18. Lulu-B

    Theory on Family Issues Handed Down, Viewed in the Chart

    So, it seems that ever since I started studying astrology 10 years ago I keep coming back to this personal theory that came to me after looking at my parents charts. It hit me that maybe if the parents of a child do not work through some of their own personal issues before having children then...
  19. Lulu-B

    Unaspected Midheaven

    Does anyone have any idea about how I would interpret an unaspected MC? [poster gave no astrological opinion so moved to Greenhorns Lounge - Moderator]
  20. Lulu-B

    Should Heliocentric Chart Be in Sidereal?

    Anyone have an opinion on whether heliocentric charts should be done in sidereal or tropical? Oh, and if anyone has any theories, or knowledge, about what a heliocentric chart would represent to someone I would love to hear it. I have heard, if I remember correctly, that it was the condition of...