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  1. moonwitch

    Marriage Still Possible?

    Hello: I would like to know if marriage is still possible for me. Thank you. Namaste :smile:
  2. moonwitch

    Will I ever have a long-term relationship?

    Hi: As you can see by the chart, I'm middle-aged, and I have never had an LTR. I'm wondering if it is still possible or whether it simply isn't a good idea - that any relationship I have will be unhappy. I'm interested in modern, traditional and Jyotish views if anyone cares to have a look...
  3. moonwitch

    Progressed Angles on Aries Points

    Hi: I'm wondering if anyone could comment on the potential events/influences when the progressed angles move onto the Aries Points, please. Only one progressed planet in aspect - Jupiter Rx in Cancer conjunct the MC. The only natal planet/point in play is Mercury/Virgo/1st. Thank you very...
  4. moonwitch


    I'm moonwitch and I have been studying astrology for two years part-time. I'm interested in both modern and traditional and am currently working on bettering my understanding of horary. It's great to be on this forum! :biggrin: