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  1. MTTY05

    Saturn Sextile Moon (Lord of 1st sextile Lord of 7th)

    Hello folks, long time no see. In my chart I have a Saturn sextile Moon aspect. Saturn rules my 1st house, Moon rules my 7th. I was wondering if this aspect represents a wife who is much older or younger than me. Some astrologers have said it shows someone older, but I am beginning to think...
  2. MTTY05

    Anyone ever have prog. Sun conjunct prog. Moon?

    Hi folks! Long time, no post. I was looking at my transits and progressions today and noticed that my progressed Moon will be conjunct with my progressed Sun until Spring 2014. I looked online for more info about this conjunction but wasn't actually able to find much. So, has anyone here...
  3. MTTY05

    New Fine Art Photography

    Some of you may remember me. This is my new website...
  4. MTTY05

    Will I leave my girlfriend for another woman?

    Recently I spoke to a refutable professional astrologer about my future. I was surprised by something she said to me though, and was hoping for more astrological analysis here. She told me that I when I meet my wife-to-be, I'll leave the woman I'm currently with. I don't really consider myself...
  5. MTTY05

    I have returned!!

    "You were here?" would be a good reply. Anyway, I've always enjoyed this forum and decided to pay a visit for the first time in a long time. Long live AW.
  6. MTTY05

    What is the meaning of singletons in my chart?

    Hello. I have searched the internets, and gone through a few books but found next to nothing on this subject...I was wondering what is the signifigance of singletons in my chart. Moon in Libra in the 9th is my onlu air planet, and Pluto in Scorpio in the 9th is my only water planet. Also...
  7. MTTY05

    Will my new workout routine be successful?

    I've watched myself gain 20-25 pounds over the past 5 years (most of which was packed on within the last 2 years). I feel that I must make a decision right now for the rest of my life. Either become healthy and fit, or be a fat slob. At 185 lbs., I'm no fatty, but I do want to lose this pot...
  8. MTTY05

    Happy Holiday!

    Just wishing you and yours a happy 4/20 day. Be safe and have a great time today.
  9. MTTY05

    Today is tax day!

    What are your thoughts? Do you really believe federal taxes are for the common good? Do you believe they're legal under the constitution? For the first time ever I actually owe the federal and state governments a bit of money, won't be paying up though. I don't give a **** if I get caught...
  10. MTTY05

    read my chart

  11. MTTY05

    Will I recieve the loan I deperatley need?

    So I'm pretty much *******. I owe three parties a significant amount of money, but I've been laid off, have bad credit, and need a loan bad really bad but can't seem to get one. Will I get a loan? Will these severe financial problems be solved soon at all, or will I be out on the streets soon...
  12. MTTY05

    Toxic Relationship

    Dumped my now ex-girlfriend a few weeks ago. What a liberating experience! Looking back on it, I can easily see why she wasn't the person to get into a relationship with. I think we both valued not being alone, and being needed, but in the end it was just a bad situation. Looking...
  13. MTTY05

    Moving to Florida?

    Things aren't looking so hot for me here in the Midwest at the moment. However I do have a business opportunity in Florida that could make a fair amount of money. Would someone help me figure you if this would be a good move? I will post a relocation chart and predictive things when I get to my...
  14. MTTY05

    Sun/Moon conjunct 1st/7th axis

    Within the past few weeks I have entered a relationship with a new woman, there is a pretty deep connection and I was wondering what you folks thought of the synastry. The first thing I noticed was that her Capricorn Sun is conjunct my Ascendant, and her Cancer Moon is conjunct my 7th house...
  15. MTTY05

    Tyche: Newly discovered Planet??

    Maybe. Maybe its far beyond Pluto, and maybe it's 4 times the size of Jupiter.,8599,2049641,00.html
  16. MTTY05

    It didn't work out...but why?

    Ok, so I actually know exactly why it didn't work out. There was plenty of attraction on both sides (unless she was lying, which is a possibility), but no real compatibility. I guess I would have been better off looking at the synastry a long time ago, rather than after breaking up. Oh well...
  17. MTTY05

    What does traditional astrology have to say about the 8th?

    Greetings AW, Ever since I got into astrology (I guess around 2004-ish) I always been aware of my 8th house stellium, and what modern astrology thinks of it. For example..."You're real sexy, and will probably marry someone with lots of money." Yada, yada, yada, okay so I already knew that...
  18. MTTY05

    01.04.11 Solar Eclipse conjuct Ascendant

    I just realized that this upcoming solar eclipse on Jan 4th, 2011 will be at 13.30 Cap, which is conjunct my natal Ascendant, and square my natal Moon...both within 1 degree. All these eclipses in the past few years have been in my 7th house where I have no planets, which I guess is why nothing...
  19. MTTY05


    I don't know about you, but this is the time of year I really love. The bitter cold, the snow... I think it's beautiful. I really doubt that it got out of the 10's today, and that's all right by me. Many people dread this season, but I love this stuff. I also can't help but enjoy how it gets...
  20. MTTY05

    Long-term career help needed

    For the past few years, I haven't really had great idea of what I want to do with the rest of my life. However, now I think I have found the answer, and it just happens to be what I've been doing for 2 years! But, no career has ever kept my attention for very long. I'm really...