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    Wow, people still use this? It's been years. The admin. was highly unsupportive when a user was being disrespectful towards me, so I just decided to stop using this. (I wouldn't be surprised if that person makes a snarky comment on this post.) Is anyone here new?
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    Children and Significant Others

    I definitely have a plan for the age that I want to begin having children, but I was wondering what my birth chart states about it and if you are not able to inform me, is there a way I can look at it? I would also like to know about my future romantic relationships. Here is my birth chart.
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    I Have a Thor's Hammer

    It looks to me like I have a Thor's Hammer in my chart. I would like to understand what mine is signifying.
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    Natal Sun and Pluto Connection

    In my natal chart, I have the Sun and Pluto in Sagittarius, both in the 11th house, in conjunction to each other. How would you interpret this? Is there a name for this kind of connection?
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    Looking for Answers

    I've been looking for more answers on how to deal with things that happen in my life. When I read about my placements and aspects, I usually get good insights, but how do I get answers?
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    My Actual Birth Chart (DESPERATE TO UNDERSTAND)

    Do I use only the city of my birth, or the EXACT location (hospital)? I just typed in my EXACT location in the Horoscoper app. Everything changed. Does this matter? Or should I keep only the city as my go-to?
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    Thanks to Anyone Who Reads My Chart

    Thanks to Anyone Who Reads My Chart (EDITED)
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    Request for Reading of Chiron Sign and House Aspect

    Only doing this 'cause I'm bored. Haha! Chiron (12° Scorpio), in the 10th house (28° Libra)
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    Capricorn Rising, Sagittarius Sun, Capricorn Moon... Hello! My name is Faith. I am 18 years old and I live in Texas. I have a passion for astrology, of course! The community seems welcoming and I love how the members just seem so interested in it themselves. I am glad to finally be a part of it!
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    Request for Reading of Chart Aspect

    Would anyone know what it means to have my natal Lilith conjunct Juno at 0 degrees? They are both in Virgo. :pinched: