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    Marriage denied for Moola AND manglik native?

    Talking about change....Actually once when I was discussing with an astrology expert he asked me Which city I was born? & Where I am staying right now.......for both I said Bangalore.....He said " Try relocating to another city/country....your destiny might change as with relocation your...
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    Marriage denied for Moola AND manglik native?

    As far as I know, Kiran uses K.P astrology what he usually says 4 step theory method. So there is a slight change in the planet placements,aspects etc but his readings will be correct.
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    Hii Madam,

    Yes, definitely you will get reply.... but one problem....Today is a Sunday....many members/experts will be you might start getting more help from tomorrow......
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    Hii Madam,

    I feel you could create a thread in the Horary section - Here is link - But make sure you say you lost your "Gold Chain"....because many members here may not understand what is...
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    Ketu Dasha Expectations

    Does this apply even for Antardasa's....because in 2024 I will be in Sat MD - Ketu AD.
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    Is a love marriage at all possible for me?

    I need to ask you about this transit..... So many rashi people are having final phase of Saade Saati from past 2.5 years....So, on 29-4-2022, their Saade Sathi will end.....but since Saturn returns to Capricorn on 12-7-22...will Saade saathi again start for such rashi people? :crying:
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    Who was that man with HER?

    Just a friend....nothing more.
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    Who was that man with HER?

    Today morning when I was going for a walk.....I saw this lady whom I know....she was in the backseat of the bike....a man in the driver's seat...probably dropping her off to her work.....Who was that Man? Her father? Father-like person? brother? cousin? relative? friend? neighbour? husband /...
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    Why Dahiya felt more harsh than Sadhe Sati?

    Saturn will go to Aquarius from Apr 25,2022 but only till July 11....So what about that transit when it again goes retrograde and comes back to Capricorn from Jul 12 to Jan 2023? How this phase will be.....because we all know how we struggled when Saturn went to Capricorn 2 years back....:biggrin:
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    April transits

    Glad that you still remember me :biggrin: At the crossroads.....not knowing which way to go in life...down but NOT OUT :biggrin:
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    April transits

    Firstly I am not an astrologer :biggrin: As far as I know, Jupiter will move to Pisces on April 14. Saturn will move from Capricorn to Aquarius from April 29 to July 11....but it will go retrograde again from July 12 and be in Capricorn for the rest of the year.
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    Does this lady want to talk to me?

    Yes...Personally I feel its a NO but Kite here has a point - she wants me to talk to her? Why I brought up this question is, I felt as though there is some connection to me with her OR it might be co-incidence..... a) Daily I go around my area for a walk and see this girl coming down the...
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    Does this lady want to talk to me?

    Ok....Firstly, I am male. Everyday whenever I go for a walk, I see this nice lady in a uniform walking all the way to her workplace. She seems a very quiet, introverted, money saving, quite addictive to her mobile :biggrin:. Many a times we have gone past each other. Off late, I am getting...
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    Shani Graha Shanti Puja Alternatives

    For this you can contact a local priest/astrologer who might suggest the respective homa/pooja related to shani. Also if you like travelling and can afford, visit the Thirunallar Shani Temple in Pondicherry,TN. This is the only temple dedicated to Saturn and is said that shani is benefic here...
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    Will I get a Job there.....

    You were right.That officer declined any offer saying there was no vacancy.
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    Will I get a Job there..... that govt. office.... Actually, I am eyeing a job in a government office.....I have the contact number of an officer there....So, tomorrow evening I am planning to call that officer and ask whether there's a vacancy for an operator in the computer section in that, a couple...
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    Will I close my business within 2 years?

    Finally....the closure happened from Sept as per the thread's title I closed down my business within 2 years.....Chrysalis prediction/analysis more or less was per her views closure should have happened from March....due to the pandemic/lockdown my business temporarily...
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    How Bad ?

    Actually I asked in general about Sat-Ketu period....because it is embarrassing for me to again and again ask you to dig into my chart..:biggrin:
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    How Bad ?

    Somna, Looks like you and me are travelling on the same boat. Whenever I see your posts....feel like a reflection of myself. I am 44 now, unmarried. First 11-12 years were gold.....Moon,Mars Mahadasa....excellent in studies but bit of minor health problems like fever,cold,stomach upsets...
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    Where is my roommate?

    This is very tricky. Something to think about. OK. Lets say you complain to the nearby police station that your friend is missing....give her photo...a bit of her details....who tomorrow they might update you that she's been traced at so-and-so location...either in trouble or...