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    Purple Hair Needs Cutting

    Hello All, As you may know I am in San Francisco for back surgery and I thought I would get a new edgy short hair cut. When I was a kid, I had wanted to go to SF to learn hairdressing but I got married instead. So this is my almost fulfilling part of the dream. Vidal Sasson was in London and...
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    Extensive Back Surgeryon March 25th & 27th

    I am having back surgery on March 25th and March 27th, 2019. It was so extensive that my doctor wanted to do it on two days. I am really terrified of surgery. I’ve been through this before with my back before and I swore that I would never do it again.That doctor messed up 3 discs and destroyed...
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    Update on Dec.6 cancelled surgery

    Hello all! I have travelled to San Francisco to the University Hospital. On Jan. 8, I saw the neurologist and he decided to do my surgery on two days because it is so extensive. They just had a cancellation today, so I am scheduled for surgery on Feb.12th and 13th. Yikes, its like in a week...
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    Will I Be Paralyzed?

    Hello, I am currently unable to move my legs because of an accident. The doctor said if the swelling around my spinal cord does not go down, I am scheduled to have surgery. The date of surgery is Dec. 6, 2018 at 8:00AM in Seattle, WA PST. It is currently 2:48 AM. I would be soooo greatful if...
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    Please Read Surgical Chart, I am Terrified

    I am having four vertabrae fused and two vertabrae redone from a failed back surgery. I am absolutely terrified. Normally I can read my charts but this defeats me. It seems really bad but the doctor books four months in advance and they give me no choice. It is on: December 6, 2018...