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    Who was that man with HER?

    Today morning when I was going for a walk.....I saw this lady whom I know....she was in the backseat of the bike....a man in the driver's seat...probably dropping her off to her work.....Who was that Man? Her father? Father-like person? brother? cousin? relative? friend? neighbour? husband /...
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    Does this lady want to talk to me?

    Ok....Firstly, I am male. Everyday whenever I go for a walk, I see this nice lady in a uniform walking all the way to her workplace. She seems a very quiet, introverted, money saving, quite addictive to her mobile :biggrin:. Many a times we have gone past each other. Off late, I am getting...
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    Will I get a Job there..... that govt. office.... Actually, I am eyeing a job in a government office.....I have the contact number of an officer there....So, tomorrow evening I am planning to call that officer and ask whether there's a vacancy for an operator in the computer section in that, a couple...
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    Has my father been cheated of the money?

    3 months back my father gave cash worth 5 figures to a govt. official to get a job done. Now from the past 3 months whenever my father asks him about the progress and the documents, that govt employee is saying " Another 2 weeks...some officer on officer has to inspect....Auditor...
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    Is death fast approaching my father?

    My father is 76 now. Hale and Healthy. No ailments. Then why this question you all might ask. Off late, I am observing....some of his behaviours, actions suggest to me that my father knows death is approaching him in the very near future. As they(?) say " A person will get indication well in...
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    Is that person really interested in me marrying that lady?

    Hello All, Is that person really interested in me marrying that lady? As to what happened : A person known to our family had visited us some months back and on seeing me still unmarried.....was a bit upset....then he told that he knows a girl's family from his hometown. That girl / lady is a...
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    Will I close my business within 2 years?

    Hello All, I have my own business which I am running from the past 15 years. Now with poor business, poor income and much more expenses to run it, I was thinking of closing it down.... So, Will I close my this business within 2 years? [Image hosting site no longer exist]
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    Is that person a MALE or FEMALE

    I am in contact with this person for the past 8 months through Mails and social networking sites. Though we havent seen each other we have developed a strong friendship. This person claims to be a MALE probably aged between 33 to 38 years. However this person's , most of the behavior suggest to...