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  1. kanshu

    The Year of the Tiger

    Readers of this thread may find this interesting. There's a Chinese astrology site I've been using for a long time now. I saw it featured at BBC World several years ago.
  2. kanshu

    Jupiter and luck

    Jupiter connected to Neptune is a long-term indicator of luck. It's called the "millionaire's aspect". I read about it in Celeste Teal's book, Predicting Events with Astrology.
  3. kanshu

    Venus in 9th house

    I have Venus in my 9th house and it's the only planet in my chart with no aspect to my other planets. Frankly, I haven't really integrated its meaning to my life since my Venus is all there by itself. Anyway, I haven't seen much literature on the subject yet. Maybe there is some grand purpose...
  4. kanshu

    Does strong Neptune in a chart give the appearance of being lost or confused?

    Where you find Neptune in your chart is where you'll find your obsession. That's how I can summarize what I know about this planet. Hmm. Right now, I'm particularly obsessed in exploiting Neptune in my 2nd house because it's my only well-aspected (e.g., trine with Saturn and sextile with Mars)...
  5. kanshu

    Are 12th house planets really that bad?

    Hmm. Seems to be. I have a stellium of four planets in my 12th house - Mars, Pluto, Uranus and the Moon. From my observation, my difficulties seem to be connected (somehow) to this house. Of course, I have a T-cross and all my 12th house planets are in opposition to Saturn in my 6th house. The...
  6. kanshu

    Virgo's? Virgo ascendants?

    Hmm. Frankly, I can say that my Virgo ascendant has been a drag to my Gemini Sun. But still, I suppose that it has allowed me to endure and survive tough times.
  7. kanshu

    You know you're an "astrology junkie" when...

    Actually, you know you're an astrology junkie when ... you're having a reunion with your classmates from college and the first thing they say or remember about you is ... "Hey. You're into astrology right. Didn't you say ... blah blah blah." They remember stuff you told them ages ago about...
  8. kanshu

    Will I make money from my writing projects?

    Nice to meet fellow bloggers here at AstrologyWeekly. You might be interested to know that I have set up a group here called Blogger Brigade. I'm still in the preparation stages and setting up a lot of blogs all over the internet. Anyway, FYI.
  9. kanshu

    What makes a person shy, timid and anxious?

    Re: Why am I anxious in social situations? Let me answer this in terms of brain chemistry and not astrology. I've read from Daniel Goleman's book, Emotional Intelligence, about the reason for timidity. And I quote: "The timid children seem to come into life with a neural circuitry that makes...
  10. kanshu

    Does the houses (1-12) follow the arrangement of the zodiac, from aries to pisces?

    Not all information are equal. A reading of natal charts usually proceed in some kind of order. As for me, I start with the Ascendant. Then, I compare that with the Sun sign. After that, I look for Saturn in the chart. Or, I look for the usual patterns. For some patterns, the dominant planet is...
  11. kanshu

    What aspect in a chart does have to deal it with childhood experiences?

    The 3rd house is the about siblings, short trips and communication. From the looks of it, Saturn is in your 3rd house. It means you need to do some serious learning about 3rd house issues. Neptune in your 3rd house means your illusions will be in this area as well.
  12. kanshu

    Which moon is holding the grudge?

    Nope. I didn't say the Virgo moon is the one holding the bigger grudge. I'm just saying that earth signs in general can carry a grudge well with Virgo as the first example. I just mentioned the Virgo moon first because I'm personally familiar with it having one myself. Since Taurus is a fixed...
  13. kanshu

    Which moon is holding the grudge?

    Yes. The house where Saturn resides is where learning is needed. But the only problem I see with this solution is that Saturn is ruler of Capricorn and you still end up with an earth sign perspective. The better strategy is for the person with the Virgo moon to come up with an innovative...
  14. kanshu

    Which moon is holding the grudge?

    Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) are very practical people. Unfortunately, they tend to be short on emotions. The moon in those signs will probably make the person behave like an earth sign native. The Virgo moon can carry a grudge well if there are no mitigating aspects. I suspect the...
  15. kanshu

    Planets Clustered - Personal Direction + Influence of Saturn?

    Congratulations. You have the "millionaire's aspect" (i.e., Jupiter in aspect with Neptune). I read about it in Celeste Teal's book, Predicting Events with Astrology. Anyway, just my first impression. I was just browsing through your chart and looking for anything that stands out. I also...
  16. kanshu

    OK. I have a question about aspects. This confuses me:confused:

    Hey, congratulations. You have a "millionaire's aspect" (i.e., Jupiter in aspect with Neptune). (I'm assuming you're referring to your natal planets. If you're talking about transits, then false alarm. Hmm. You really should post your natal chart for everyone to see.) P.S. I learned about this...
  17. kanshu

    Moon's Nodes

    According to Stiller, Scorpio North Nodes' Achilles' heel is comfort ("The goal of life is to be comfortable; I need lots of possessions to survive"), which can lead them into the trap of an unending search for accumulation ("When I finally have enough money and possessions, I will feel good...
  18. kanshu

    Should I go back to school?

    Hmm. I was right. Based on your question, I tried guessing where your natal Saturn is located and true enough, it's in the 9th house of higher education. Speaking like a borg, all I can say is "Resistance is futile." Whether you like it or not, wherever you find Saturn, that is where you need...
  19. kanshu

    This Pluto Conjunct Neptune transit is utter torture!

    We have the same Virgo Ascendant so I feel the effect of the transits in the same houses. I can confirm about the feeling of restriction, but I don't think it's because of Pluto conjuncting your natal Neptune. The slow-moving planets usually affect your personal planets (i.e., Sun, Moon...
  20. kanshu

    Another look at the 12th house

    I have a busy 12th house with a stellium of four planets--the Moon, Mars, Uranus and Pluto. So, if anybody wants to know how a person behaves with these planets in the 12th, I'm a good specimen. Incidentally, the stellium is in opposition to Saturn in the 6th and square to another stellium of...