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  1. Neptunia

    Earth Day

    Happy Earth day everyone! :biggrin: (April 22nd, 2016)
  2. Neptunia

    Chiron Trine the Ascendant?

    Hey there! =) Now, I do know what this aspect confirguration could mean for an individual etc... But as always, I keep being curious! I would love to hear what your opinion is on this aspect. :biggrin: Neptunia, greetings from Neptune~
  3. Neptunia

    Part of Fortune in the signs and houses?

    Hello fellows :) I was wondering if anyone have some great and informative information on the Part of Fortune in both signs and houses? Also I didn't know where to put this thread, so I apologize if it's wrong :) ~ Neptunia
  4. Neptunia

    12th House Quotes

    While swimming through the internet I found these brillant quotes/sayings about the 12th house. If you have planets in this house, you might want to take a look :) Source: "The 12th House rules the family ghosts of our...
  5. Neptunia

    Dyscaculia in the natal chart

    Hello :) Dyscaculia is basically 'number blindness'. And naturally I am curious as to if, it would show in the natal chart of someone who has it? :) I guess my two questions are: What planets etc rules math? And with what placements and aspects do you...
  6. Neptunia

    Neptune Square Moon?

    Thank you~~
  7. Neptunia

    Draconic Astrology information?

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew of any sides that can tell someone about their Draconic chart? :) Neptunia
  8. Neptunia

    Alyssa Sharpe!

    Anyone ever heard of Alyssa Sharpe? She's a YouTube Astrologer :) This is a recommendation to start watching her videos. She explains it so, that everyone can understand it, even without listening. So that's got to say something right? ;) A little Warning: she does swear sometimes.. if you have...
  9. Neptunia

    Neptune in the 10th House

    Do you have Neptune in the 10th? And how is it effecting your life? Is it conjuncting your Midheaven? What sign is your Neptune in as well? :) I just wanted to get some insight and different views. Neptunia
  10. Neptunia

    What does Nessus mean in Astrology?

    If anyone could explain it in a few words - or many - that'd be lovely! :) Nessus is an asteroid right? Neptunia
  11. Neptunia

    Synastry - Planets on a house cusp

    Thank you~~
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    Stage Fright in the Birth Chart

    Hello :) I was wondering if anyone know of any aspects that could possibly make one terrified of being on a stage or in general.. public speaking? Thanks to all who comments :) Neptunia.
  13. Neptunia

    Almost all house rulers in the 12th

    Thank you ~~
  14. Neptunia

    'Ello mates! :)

    Hi, i'm new on here, and I wanted to say hello! :D My Sun is in Taurus, Moon in Aries and I have a Gemini Ascendant :) ~ Anyone else with the exact same setup? Could be fun Neptunia
  15. Neptunia

    12th House Enigma?

    Thank you for all the replies~~ I hope others have found this thread useful, just like myself! :)