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  1. passiflora

    Saturn's insides -might be- sloshing around

    One of the wildest aspects of the study is that the findings did not come from measuring the core directly—something we’ve never been able to do. Instead, Mankovich and Fuller turned to seismographic data on Saturn’s rings first collected by NASA’s Cassini mission, which explored the Saturnian...
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    Meditation during difficult transits

    We're in a kind of grinding period
  3. passiflora

    Horary question not precise enough.

    many characters are here
  4. passiflora

    Will the company make an offer?

    Will the character and chr? It’s been a long time since I asked a horary
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    Isolation reading

    Isolation reading
  6. passiflora

    This house?

    Should we buy this house? It needs work, I know. Venus in Virgo in the 8th. But I can imagine being happy here.
  7. passiflora

    Will the bill become law?

    1 0
  8. passiflora

    where is my bracelet?

    Kid misplaced one of my favorite bracelets. Where is it? Moon in Scorpio ugh and making no further aspects. Angular conjunct ASC but already above the horizon. Venus (object) makes no aspects. It was indeed in the bathroom last time...
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    Astrology of Families and Nodes

    What is the
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    at kshantaram's request, posting here
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    How do I land an awesome job?

    -- I asked an open-ended horary question
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    SR plan: SR chart or astrocartography?

    Thanks for any insight.
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    Bottling the je ne sais quoi of a transit

    Do you ever get that sense during a transit that is just working for you, that it would be nice to preserve this experience? Venus and Jupiter transits can be really obvious and nice, but there are lots - conjunctions to the north node, even Saturn has been nice to me on occasion. Preserving the...
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    Transiting Uranus conjunct Moon

    Please talk to me about your experience with transiting Uranus conjunct Moon.
  15. passiflora

    outcome of trademark dispute?

    My client is in a trademark dispute. I am not able to read this chart, can you help? Presumably my client is Sun.
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    Hi, I'm Passiflora. Have been studying astrology informally.