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  1. creativei

    Will I own a home for my family/ get a promotion ?

    கர்மத்தால் வந்த வினை யாவும் தர்மத்தால் தீரும் ஆகையால் நிறைய தான தர்மம் செயுங்க குறைந்த பட்சம் 5 பெறுகவுது உணவு வாங்கி தாங்க உங்கள் மகன் படி படியாக குணம் அடைவன். 😊
  2. creativei

    Sun-Moon dasha

    No in sun dasa try in next moon dasa... 😊
  3. creativei

    Return to home country?

    If 12th is strong person stays in forgein land if asc Lord is strong he comes back to home land. You may stay in another place but not another country but another province in same country...
  4. creativei

    Sun-Moon dasha

    You will have expenditure animosity changes regarding home mom spouse property childerns. If you are trying for overseas journey it will clicks pending issues gets solved. All things happens relaed to overseas journeys you will have leave family n travel on air. Eyes may trouble both debts n...
  5. creativei

    Malefics in second from Upapada Lagna

    Give Both birth details in written.
  6. creativei

    Mars current transit question

    You didnt gave horoscope before just asked prediction based on transit so i said from it now only you gave na let me check n tell... Tks for inputs.
  7. creativei

    Mars current transit question

    So it means you are Sagittarius asc n moon in taurus right? You may have had traffic issue n accidents when mars transits to 5th in bharani nakshatra bharani denotes traffics jams over conjustion, and from mars from 5th aspects 8th of accidents sudden untoward happenings you may had health...
  8. creativei

    Career Prospects?

    Saturn is retro , 11th house of awards n achievement is aspected by Saturn so it delays. From moonsign 10th lord in 12th least heard person, also many problem n changes in career. Aquariua rasi persons should change job or designation now so you too will change job. But it will better than...
  9. creativei

    Marriage Delay

    7th from Venus 7th lord debilitated joined with ketu. Saturn mars in 7th from lagna, mars is 8th lord. Jupiter is 12th to venus indicates problems in getting married n unsatisfied married life. From moon sign rahu is in 7th aspected by mars. All these are difficult alignments. If marriage...
  10. creativei

    Marriage denied for Moola AND manglik native?

    Yes true nakshatra qualities wont change. Its fixed. But if dasa is good n moon aspected by Jupiter then it controlled but base theme exists. Birth nakshatra is your life profile. 5th n 9th should be good. Like wise either Jupiter should aspect moon or asc or 4th house.
  11. creativei

    Foreign land & child

    Whenever Jupiter has connection with rahu it gives child out of wedlock means adoption surrogacy like that. Rahu is forgein breaks all taboos customs. Those who have rahu connection with 5th have adopted or illegal kid sure. For you it indicate adoption. Jupiter in swati 5th lord from Jupiter...
  12. creativei

    Will I be successful if I start my own business?

    Asc lord is weak in 12th house you cant shine individually. Your life is more useful for others than you. Unheard to outside world. Also mercury karaga for mercantile is retro sitting with 8th lord it indicate losses. For business 3 7th 11th should be strong. Its not for you. 6th in 9th...
  13. creativei

    Stuck on what career I should go for

    Give birth details in written 😊
  14. creativei

    Marriage denied for Moola AND manglik native?

    Ahaa no i won't spoil ones life 😊 There are some nakshatra which are not true in relationship among that moola is one for ketu ruled nakshatras partner is optional (aswini magha moola) moola is destructive nakshatra falls in rakshasa guna meaning demonic. They dnt care about anyone anything no...
  15. creativei

    Marriage denied for Moola AND manglik native?

    I say only good things, though i know dark side. Let's hope for good. Your husband is good guy nature wise, he wont cheat. Yes marital conflicts present, as it happens in every house. There is no cheating and all. I can say this sure. 😊
  16. creativei

    Marriage denied for Moola AND manglik native?

    Chevy i said clearly 2024 dnt get confused. Its only delay not deny. Mars indicates husband in women chart mars in 12th so he comes from long distance south east side connected with medical or financial related job. Next year after june you may meet him. 😊
  17. creativei


    What you want to know?. What you doing now? Wats your aspiration?
  18. creativei

    Query regarding career and immigration

    Having 10th lord sun in 6th n mars 1s n 6th lord in 10th it should take you to government side you may hold key in government sector.. So you can go for competitive exams, you achisve success sure. But there will be many obdtacles road blocks physical mental distress but you attain success...
  19. creativei

    Marriage denied for Moola AND manglik native?

    Oh chevy knows this much clap 👏👏😊 But you missed many points there are many yogas for unmarriage dont judge with single Jupiter. For your asc 7th lord should be weak else it creates many problems. I know few gemini asc natives with afflicted Jupiter got married. Also 8th lord in 8th so its...
  20. creativei

    Brother in law in jail,lost everything

    Jupiter significator for children is retro n with malefics sat rahu Mars. 5th from Jupiter occupied by 12th lord moon which indicate loss or seperation of kids.. Even conjunction of Jupiter sat indicate putra dosha you must have done proper match making at time of marriage or hv done some...