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    A Special Place for Gemini North Nodes

    This thread has been created to provide a place for those with Gemini NNs to express themselves. They have a special gift for communicating, often more than are aware of within themselves. If you have a Gemini NN, please feel free to drop any random musings, ideas, or rants within this...
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    Let's play "Marry, Shag, or Kill"

    Okay, all. It's time for some fun. You know how the game works. Using the sun signs of the zodiac, tell us which ones you would 1) marry, 2) shag, and 3) kill. Fun times ahead. (And if you're the type to take this personally and get offended about possibly getting shagged or killed...
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    Compassion - a poem for you

    We all have our own journeys and our own unique battles in life, right? Nobody else knows what it's like to be you. Here's another gift for you. Enjoy. Compassion By Miller Williams Have compassion for everyone you meet, even if they don’t want it. What seems conceit, bad...
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    RIP -- Blazie

    Ladies and Gentlemen.... We gather here today to honor the internet life of our dear friend and astro-freak, Blaze. Blaze has entered heaven. Or hell. Or that hallway to the left where you can get reincarnated (I'm not sure, but I promise to let you know when I find out!). Please...
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    "Women" (poem)

    Happy Sunday! Here is another gift for you. (All of you will be experts by the time I'm done with you.) Women Adrienne Rich My three sisters are sitting on rocks of black obsidian. For the first time, in this light, I can see who they are. My first sister is sewing her...
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    Poem :-)

    Good morning! Another gift for you.......enjoy. :-) Dear America Jeff McDaniel I am but a riverboat--hopelessly in touch with my inner canoe. On the first day of nursery school, I cried in my mother's arms. It wasn't separation anxiety. I was scared she would come back. In...
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    Love poem :-)

    Good morning, my pretty kitties. Cleaning out my office has been like going back in time. Found another gift for you. This one is a nice....reminds you of that yummy feeling of love and kisses and holding someone's face in your hands and the magic of desire and the best part of being a human on...
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    The Moment His Father Died

    Happy Sunday, everyone. I’m currently undergoing a painful process of packing up a library of books. I found another one today that I hadn’t touched in years. It was written by Elie Wiesel, a survivor of Auschwitz. Wiesel lost all of his family and friends to the Holocaust. In his book Night...
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    Selling our house

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    Designing an astrologically massive ego

    If we were tasked with building the biggest possible egomaniac, what would be some essential astrological ingredients to include in his/her natal signature? Any ideas? I'm thinking some kind of sun/Saturn mix will be necessary, and probably a highly defensive moon that takes everything...
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    Venus in Aquarius

    Hello all. Thinking about several people in my life who have Venus in Aquarius. We could get deep and consider the emphasis of air in Venusian matters, aspects, and it's manifestation in all different ways..... .....But just going by the most general stereotypes of this combination, one would...
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    Nodes and synastry

    Hello. I've been wondering where to share my thoughts on the nodes in synastry as I got to know this site. Just recently found this section and it seems like the best fit. Does anyone have any notable experiences, either in your own life or in observation of others, with nodes in synastry...
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    progressed MC question

    (I may have posted this in wrong area (natal), so posting it again here.) Can anyone offer some insight as to how you would interpret the following in a progressed chart: progressed moon exactly conjunct progressed MC (shortly after progressed MC moved from 0 deg Aries). And moon is ruler of...
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    progressed MC question

    Can anyone offer some insight as to how you would interpret the following in a progressed chart: progressed moon exactly conjunct progressed MC (shortly after progressed MC moved from 0 deg Aries). And moon is ruler of progressed chart (cancer asc). Your insight is appreciated. S.
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    Sun opposition Pluto

    Does anyone have personal experience with this aspect, whether in your own natal chart or in someone you know? I would love to hear your take on it and what the experience is like, either as the natal person or the "other." Because it's an opposition, I'm thinking the dynamic will most likely...
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    Thank you, astro ninjas!

    Thank you to all of you regular pros for sharing on this forum. This is one of the best expressions of peer review and knowledge-sharing out there. :-)
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    Hi Astro community: Long time amateur here, been at this for nearly 20 years (but interwoven with life, so on and off of deep study). My main area of interest is synastry and natal. I take an evolutionary perspective as i believe in the potential of everything and seek meaning in our charts...
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    Did he fall in love

    I fell pretty hard for someone months ago. Moving on, but still working on trying to understand the astrology of it. One lingering question is whether he fell for me too (or was it all in my head). I suspect it wasnt a one-sided attraction but he went cold on me so fast that I'm left with...
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    Can I trust him?

    Hello my astro ninjas, I need your ninja skills to help me. I followed my heart and confided in someone I adore and genuinely appreciate. I completely trusted him with an open heart. But I'm afraid that my Neptunian ways may have clouded my judgment of this person and he has used against me all...
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    How to read this contradiction in horary chart?

    Will someone please explain this contradiction in the chart and how we're supposed to interpret it? (These are the moments in horary that confuse me right now.) Question: will he like it if I call? Findings: right away, I see the opposition between me (mercury) and him (Jupiter). So my...