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    Will I get a job at *** Health?

    Hi All, I asked the question: Will I get a job at *** Health? There are three vacancies, I'll be applying for. I'm Venus in my 11th house of hope, and the job/vacancy is Moon in 12th, quite fitting too, since the job is at a hospital. There is no aspect between the two. There is however...
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    Himalayan Salt Lamps

    Does anyone have any experience using Himalayan Salt Lamps?
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    .... your wish was fulfilled. Your wisdom will be missed on this forum. Thank you for the astrological knowledge you shared with me. I will keep in contact my friend :smile:
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    New Years Astrological Resolution

    2011 is just around the corner and for me personally, I find the 'promise' of a new year exciting. This new year I'm going to try something different. Instead of 'trying a new diet' or 'giving up pastries' (yeah right), I'm going to set short term astrological goals for myself with...
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    Purchasing of Laptop.....

    My laptop of 3 years died a peaceful death earlier in the week. :sad: I'm in the process of replacing it and was hoping to pin point the ideal time to purchase a new one - before Mercury turns retrograde on the 10th Dec. Looking at todays date, with an afternoon purchase time, I have a Taurus...
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    Mercury turns retrograde on 10th Dec 2010

    ... and here is some info on the effects thereof:
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    Published Authors

    We often have hopeful forum members, myself included, who ask about aspects in our natal charts that could possibly point to becoming published authors. I propose we start a running thread analysing authors charts, so that we can get some idea as to which aspects denote successful authors. Of...
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    Jon Stewarts (Unknown) Time of Birth

    lol........... :biggrin: Okay 'fess up ... Did someone from the forum ask him for his birth time?
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    Relational astrology links

    With the increase in relationship questions on the forum lately, I thought it'd be easier for someone studying synastry / composite charts to go to a 'one stop shop' for assistance when starting their research. Therefore, I've created a list of websites that will help you on your journey...
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    Traditional Authors as per Aux Mailles Godefroy

    Hereunder is a list of traditional authors along with links as taken off the Aux Mailles Godefroy site:
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    Listing of Retrograde Transits From 2008 until 2012
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    I've been thinking of SmilingSteph a lot lately, knowing that she may have had her baby by now. Does anyone keep in contact with her?
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    Mid-Life Transits

    Okay, so there are those of us either approaching or going through our mid-life crisis. While answering an earlier thread, I found the following website which details these mid-life transits: Personally, I'm...
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    Sepharial: The Solar Epoch
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    Sepharial on the Markets

    Sepharial on the Markets:
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    Sepharial: Astrology and Marriage
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    The Art of Astrology E-book
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    Carlsons Double-Blind Astrology Experiment

    Just found this on the net (note: it is a lengthy read). However, it makes for interesting reading.
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    Att: BobZemco I'm really trying to get my head around this one and have some questions on the significators: Loni Anderson's chart: a. Why did we identify the fifth house ruler, i.e Saturn in Cancer deposited by the Moon and then...
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    Will I do well in law?