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    Jupiter Enters Aquarius, Mask Requirements Come Back *text only*

    The day Jupiter entered Pisces (May 13th) the CDC said that masks were no longer required due to vaccines. Skip ahead, Jupiter is retrograde and about to enter Aquarius. The mask requirement comes back. Pretty funny
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    Will I never have friends?

    When I look at my 11th house (house of friends) the ruler of that house is Mars. I have a day chart, so by sect, Mars becomes my worst planet. Mars's evil is exacerbated by its debilitation in Cancer. And to make things even WORSE, it's exactly conjunct my descendant, so it gains prominence...
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    Experience with parallels/contraparallels?

    I've always seen parallels/contraparallels/declinations as the occult of the occult. No one talks about them. I wonder how much power and validity they actually have though. They seem to add extra flavor or detail to everything that's happening in the chart. Generally, I've noticed that...
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    astrological musings

    i find myself coming with up with random and interesting astrological ideas or experiences, but i don't have any consistent place to put them so im just going to put them here
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    my applebag is exploding

    help guys idk what to do no memes k thx
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    What house system do you use and why?

    After talking to Dirius in the past, he mentioned that he uses the whole sign house system. Liking his perspective on things in general, I decided to give it a real chance in my own chart. From my own analysis, I find it to be much more accurate. As one example, I used to think that my Sun...
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    Hey Ya'll It's AppLeo

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to introduce my amazing self on this forum :biggrin:
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    I got in car crash — Mars Transit my Ascendant

    Hey fellow astrologers, just wanted to share some shocking and amazing news. Mars is transit conjunction my Ascendant, and also opposite my mars. I got in a car accident and almost got seriously injured I’m really sore though that’s for sure, especially where my seatbelt went across my chest...
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    Will this relationship develop into something more?

    So I hooked up with this guy, twice already, and probably will many more times in the future. I'm not really sure where this is going, but I curious to know what the synastry and composite say about it. I feel like I did a pretty good analysis of the charts already, so I'm kind of looking for...
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    Five Personality Test – With Pictures Take the test on the left. It's a really fun test because you can click on pictures instead of choosing from multiple choice text! Here are my results! :D
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    What's the difference...?

    Capricorn-Scorpio Sextile Saturn Aspect Pluto Saturn in Scorpio Saturn in the 8th House Capricorn in the 8th House Pluto in Capricorn Pluto in 10th House Scorpio Midheaven I understand that they are all different in minute ways... but don't they all have the same underlying theme or energy?
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    Anyone on here a Magician that practices Magick?

    How would you define Magick? Why do you practice it? Can you give an example of practicing Magick? What does it look like? How has Magick benefitted you and the people you love?
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    Most accurate house system?

    I just want everyone's opinion on what they think is the most accurate system. I was doing some experimenting and amazingly found that whole signs is really accurate.. at least for me. It just kind of clicked. Maybe I never really liked houses before because they weren't ever correct for me.
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    My Project's Chart

    Hello! So I think you can cast charts for inanimate objects. In this case, a project. It's a long-term project that I'm doing and I want to see how it's gonna go. It's kind of like a piece of who I am and I'm going to put a lot of myself in it, so I see it as a reflection of myself in a way...
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    Birth Charts for Inanimate Objects?

    Can you have Birth Charts for inanimate objects like.... finishing a piece of artwork, making a new account, buying a new car, starting a new phase of your life, starting a new organization, or releasing a song for a release date?
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    Do I have a splay or splash chart?

    I feel like my chart is a splash and splay chart combined... help
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    Astrologers' Community Chat Group

    If you want to join a chat with fellow Astrologers then send me a private message to join. You have to be well established on the forum before asking me though. This means having 100 or more posts and having a positive influence at Astrologer's Community. If you ask and you're not well...
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    What is your most powerful sun aspect, moon aspect, and rising aspect?

    (this is like your sun, moon and rising except its for aspects) Do you think the aspects are more descriptive than your actual sun, moon, and rising? For me it's: Sun-Saturn Moon-Mercury Asc-Mars
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    What is your Sun, Moon, and Rising?

    I'm Leo Sun, Virgo Moon, and Capricorn Rising.
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    Planet Aspects are 100x more important than planets in houses or zodiac signs

    From my own astrological understanding and research, I think you can tell a lot more about a person and their life based on the aspects they have. For example, someone's sun in Capricorn vs. their Sun aspect Saturn. I think the person with the Sun in aspect to Saturn is going have a more dry...