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  1. BOOGY99

    Arabic "Lot of Marriage" how is it used?

    Hi All I have just come across the Arabic Part "Lot of Marriage" and I am wondering how its used. Do you use it in Synastry, Natal, Progressions ETC and what does it actually mean? How to Calculate Arabic Formulas by Hand:- I have...
  2. BOOGY99

    Addiction drugs/alcohol in a natal chart

    Hello all x I seem to be soul searching at the moment. (prolly t Pluto trine natal mercury?) I am wondering if you can see addiction within a natal chart. I have been addicted to Valium and alcohol since the age of 17yrs old. Been through a terrible time the last 3 years and I seem to be...
  3. BOOGY99

    Solar return promise of marriage please look x

    Hey,, thanks for looking at my post. I have never been married and I think I would like to be which is strange me in my 50s lol I came across this site and I seen to add up to a Permanente relationship Please check out the stats on this post.-...
  4. BOOGY99

    SA Prog Trans finding my true love

    Hi Where do i start!!! ok i have never found my Mr Right. I am looking for love for the first time in my life. Transits = I know i have my N venus in Libra which is being activated by T jupiter and Sq T pluto. I am just getting use to SA and i have noticed that my SA Moon has just gone in...
  5. BOOGY99

    Over the hill and still not married any advice

    sorry had to edit
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    Solar arcs and prediction

  7. BOOGY99

    Why do i keep fighting authority in every job i have?

    Hi In every job i have i have to fight authority and never except unfairness. This causes me a lot of stress. I know i have sun conj uranus, pluto conj asc and square mc, also moon/mars conj in 10th. I never attack, but defend my position. Will this ever stop, am i missing anything. Thankyou...
  8. BOOGY99

    New job foster carer

    New job "foster carer" Hi I have two jobs, (Gemini MC) clerical and me and my partner are new foster carers. I am wondering what house is the foster carer in a natal chart? I know the 5th house is children, (we have no children of our own, we did not want any) My Saturn in the 5th conjuct...
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    house question

  10. BOOGY99

    SOLAR RETURN, will i achieve my goals

    Hi This is my first attempt at the interpretation of my solar goes!!!! Does anybody know if my goals are achievable and how do i predict my SR chart 2009/2010? My future goals, (would be nice this year!!! lol ) To transform my self in a positive way, get rid of phobias For my...
  11. BOOGY99

    free software download for horary astrology

    Hi I am now learning horary, i found this free download which may be of interest to people who are learning it. not sure if it is any good yet, but thought i would like to share this. :smile: Horary Helper A Program for Horary Astrology Spiritual astrology can help you understand...
  12. BOOGY99

    Astrology and Precession, your thoughts?

    I went to see an astrologer a few years ago and he said i was not a sun sign virgo but a leo???, This was due to precession. :surprised: ******************* Quote: Precession causes the position of the sun on the vernal equinox to move as the earth wobbles on its axis – then again, the position...
  13. BOOGY99

    new temp chat room, astro weekly

    i have created a temp chat room, this is the first time i have done this, so somebody may make a better job lol the link is just go in and add your user name, you dont have to register, what do you think xx
  14. BOOGY99

    childless and childfree

    i came across some information and found it quite interesting:- If you find the (modern) ruler of the 5th house (Topocentric or Placidus houses) between one of the following degrees in a female natal chart, chances are high she's childless or childfree: •between 26°-28° Leo or Aquarius...
  15. BOOGY99

    transits and progressions did not work hi i have been testing my transits and progressions since october 09 i have sun progressed to natal venus in libra in the 2nd house 17deg i had transiting jupiter trine natal venus, and plenty conj by mercury, venus, sun, moon by...
  16. BOOGY99

    Can you see chronic fatigue syndrom in a birth chart

    hi My partner has had ME, CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROM, Fibromyalgia on and off for 3 years, and he thinks it may be back, if this is the case he may loose his job. i have tried to look into his birth chart, 6th house and saturn ruler of his chart. i did a google and came up with this info - ***...
  17. BOOGY99

    Natel charts/aspects that run in families

    i have done my families natal charts and we have some similarities . * me and 2 of my cousins have the same deg of virgo asc * me and my grandad was born on the same day * my mum and grandma both have sun in libra, moon in gemini, mercury in libra * my brother and dad both have cancer asc...
  18. BOOGY99

    Progressed Sun conj natal venus

    Hi Would love peoples comments on Progressed Sun conjunct natel venus in the 2nd house of Libra. Transits in Oct 2009 Jupiter trine natal venus and progressed sun 17deg libra :smile: [This thread was moved to the Greenhorns Lounge because the poster did not attempt his/her own interpretation...