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    Is my navamsa chart really this bad?

    I am trying to analyze my navamsa chart in terms of what kind of spouse i will get and based on what i can see it looks like there are a lot of malefic placements. So is there anything that you can tell about this chart?
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    He has so much water and i dont...can it work?

    Hi! So i am starting to see this guy and all seems well so far. Got his birth info (his TOB is incorrect but mine is). He is very playful on the outside but says he is very introverted. What do you think of our synastry? Is he too sensitive for me? Is there compatibility? I am worried cause i...
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    How do you think we get along? there is a full 12th house composite!

    I like this guy, he is totally my type (strong capricorn and sagittarius signature in his chart). But i am not sure I am completely HIS type. I feel like he would like more earthy girls while I have strong air and fire signature in my chart. Plus I am concerned over the fact that our composite...
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    Do you think he likes me as much as i like him?

    We have a ton of fun together. We spend most of our time laughing and joking around! I dont really feel any sexual chemistry...just warmth and pleasantness when we are together.I see some mars/venus aspects going on so do you think the sexual attraction will develop? I am on the inside (the sag)...
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    Kindly requesting a compatibility reading - should i pursue this relationship?

    Everything is just really friendly between us. He is very nonchalant and i like to tease him a lot. He seems to find it amusing :)
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    Kindly requesting a compatibility reading - should i pursue this relationship?

    Thank you for replying. But is it bad that i am not aspecting his venus at all?
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    Kindly requesting a compatibility reading - should i pursue this relationship?

    Hello everyone, I have been crazy about this guy that i work with but I am not sure if he likes me back because he gives off a very serious and nonchalant vibe whenever i talk to him. Its strange considering he has so much sag. I dont know his birth time but i am guessing he would have Saturn in...
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    Do you think this is a chart of a man that is very popular with women?

    I cant help but notice the venus in the 1st, mars tine venus, mars conjunct pluto , and all that sagittarius. What do you think? Do you think this guy, when he was much younger, was somewhat of a charmer?
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    Meeting my brother for the first time in my life!! Will we get along??

    HI Everyone! I always knew I had a brother and I recently found him on FB. But sadly he did not want to get to know me for whatever reason so he kept on ignoring my messages and comments while answering everyone else but me. Then a year later (today) i think he had a change of heart and out of...
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    Is this person more like a sagittarius or a capricorn?

    So i am giving a mini reading to someone and i need help figuring out this persons chart. This person seems to have a lot of sagittarius as well as a lot of capricorn. What would you say his personality is like?
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    Do you see a chance that i will ever be in a relationship?

    I have never been in a relationship, never been kissed and have never even been on a date. I don't understand why. I feel like I am the only girl my age that has not had a relationship. Do you see any indications of me entering a relationship any time soon? In the next few months or even years...
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    Does my manager feel the same way about me?

    I started a new job for the summer and I fell in love with my manager. He is not much older than me plus acts way younger than he is. I am quitting this job soon because its only temporary so I was wondering there might be a potential relationship. Its very playful between us and I am wondering...
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    What can anyone say about this person?

    What comes to mind about this guy when looking at his chart. I would like to know anything that you can say. Is this a person who is more rational or emotional? What kind of girl do you think he would go for? :love: ps: birth time is unknown
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    Why am i not as intelligent as my chart shows?

    I would say that I am somewhat inhibited in expressing my ideas. But I love knowledge and higher learning, this is what I am trying to strive for in life. Not sure if I would label myself as being practical or being good in trade.
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    Why am i not as intelligent as my chart shows?

    Thank you very much for replying in such detail! I agree with almost everything you said! I do have a love for adventure and I tend to be impulsive in my actions, speech etc. But I would also consider myself to be overly emotional and sensitive to other peoples feelings and not aggressive. I...
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    Why am i not as intelligent as my chart shows?

    I have had numerous astrologers look at my chart before and all of them always remark how good my mind is and how smart I probably am. They point out my strong Jupiter, Mercury, and Uranus signature in my chart and comment on my "genius, philosophical, and expansive mind." But I cant help but...
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    Is there a strong karmic connection in this relationship?

    What is so significant about this connection and how karmic is it with that north/south node conjunction on a asc/des axis?
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    Will i win the court case?

    On august 28 I will be having a court case and I was wondering if anyone could please see if the odds will be in my favour to win?