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  1. Prisma

    Missing student since 06/10

    Keeping practicing and learning horary: College student missing since 06/10. -Where is this student? -Will he be found? -Is he alive? Initially judging by the horary, I kind of think that he will be found (Sun and Moon above horizon, Ruler of the chart in the same house with the ruler...
  2. Prisma

    Two headed kitten

    Kind of interesting, it was born in Gemini.
  3. Prisma

    Astro Irony

    An example of astrological irony: Breaking news: Domestic emergency: -A Cancer, screaming scared at the top of her lungs, because out of nowhere, a crab found its way into the garage at her home. :eek: -Said Cancer tried to lure the animal out of its hiding place, behind the dryer... with...
  4. Prisma

    Lost old Man

    This old man, who may suffer from Alzheimer's, has being lost since 05/13/2013. He may have gone off without someone noticing and has not being found. Made a chart about it: --Where is he? --is he alive? --Will he be found? I am inclined to say that he will be found (Mercury both...
  5. Prisma

    Cleveland Kidnappings & astro

    I found a couple of articles about these tragic events. I share them with you:
  6. Prisma

    Adventures in horary & lost items

    I had been wondering for a couple of days about a purse I could not find. This morning I looked for it almost since I woke up (I had some earrings inside it I wanted to use also). So before I got out to run some errands, I made an horary. After I returned, I kept looking for the purse. The...
  7. Prisma

    Who are the killers? Where...?

    Regarding a recent murder, just a couple of days before this full moon. A woman was killed, body found at a beach. She was going to work at a school. No major clues have being found. People imagine that it was maybe a robbery or carjacking of some kind... But car was found near and allegedly...
  8. Prisma

    Event: death of food lady

    A woman was killed, body found at a beach. She was going to work at a school. No major clues have being found. People imagine that it was maybe a robbery or carjacking of some kind... But car was found near and allegedly property of the victim was in the car (robbery abandoned at the last...
  9. Prisma

    Is Daughter a soul reincarnated?

    Sometimes I kind of ask myself this... a relative of my husband's side died before daughter's birth. Shortly before that relative's demise, we both had a health scare (this person was hospitalized and since then took a suddenly turn for the worse; I had a bleeding which put the pregnancy at...
  10. Prisma

    HELP! Lost card :(

    Happening now: After going out to eat with the family, we realized we no longer had our **** card with us. :crying: -Where is the card? -Will we find it? -Was it stolen? -Was it stolen by one of the employees or other patrons? -Or was it just missplaced along the dishes, etc? -Will...
  11. Prisma

    Hugo Chavez

    I share with you an article I found about Mr. Chavez back in January.
  12. Prisma

    Trial: how it will turn out

    It is possible I end up going to court on behalf of a friend. Nervous. -How it will turn out? -Will my friend be favored? -Will it be negative for me?:unsure: -12th house fully packed! -Any advice?
  13. Prisma

    my friend troubled son

    I have a dear friend whose older son is deeply troubled, just recently got out of a medical facility trying to get psych help for him. He has become emotionally, verbally & even physically abusive. He has Asperger's. A couple of years ago he was stable, had improved tremendously but since his...
  14. Prisma

    Missing Man

    This man has been lost for 4 days now. Last news from him was a call made to a loved one. After that, info has surfaced that he migth have been kidnapped to force him to withdraw money. I made an horary on Saturday inquiring about the whereabouts of this man, if he was alive. The asc. of...
  15. Prisma

    Gemini Saturn & Cancer Saturn: how they relate?

    I am trying to gather some insight about this aspects about me & my husband :confused:
  16. Prisma

    Amber alert- kidnapped child- san juan pr

    A child has been kidnap about 2 hours ago (near 6:30am) by armed men. He was taken from his father, who was taking him to school. He is 6 years old, taken on a Jeep Cherokee Laredo 2002 EQW-556. Sorry to bother you with this, I just want to help if possible with any means available. The...
  17. Prisma

    help in marriage

    I would like to know any counseling about our marriage based on the day our marriage occurred, the composite chart from both our charts and any other help you might offer. This time has been very hard... I fear about our relationship, all kinds of alarms about the future of it are ringing in...
  18. Prisma

    head trauma: accident, medical negligence and or abuse?

    This kid, sadly, arrived to the hospital with a head trauma and later died . Autopsy has not yet been conclusive. I think it could have been : -a sad, sudden accident (Uranus in Aries in the 9th), where kid got hurt in the head. -maybe playing or roleplaying a fantasy game or in a fight...
  19. Prisma

    Marriage: How to fix & why is this happening

    We are growing distant... it is breaking my heart. Made an horary to see what it shows about it. I will appreciate your responses. -In this chart Asc is in Aqua. My moon is actually an Aqua one, in the 6th house, but very close to the 5th. It also can speak about the distance I mentioned...
  20. Prisma

    Relative just had an operation and insist on driving

    I have a relative that just had an operation and insisted on go driving to his home. Even if is just to put my fears at ease or at least to know what lies ahead after this procedure, well, I would appreciate if someone takes a look at the charts. What worries me: beside the obvious...