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    Friends only?

    I recently met this libra guy with moon in capricorn. I have Sun in capricorn but it doesn’t conjuct his moon. My cancer moon conjuncts tightly with his mars and his venus respectively. My venus conjuncts his Jupiter and vice versa. His north node conjuncts my south nodes (karma??) We’ve...
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    How to overcome Venus in 12th house

    I have venus in the 12th house. Throughout my life I have had difficult relationships. I attracted unavailable men or difficult relationships (non single men, long distance relationships). Not sure if it is because of my venus in sagittarius and cancer moon in the 7th house, my heart always...
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    Where is my friend?

    It's been almost 3 months since I heard from my friend who lives in another country. We used to message each other every day or every other day. The last time I heard from her was Jan 25. In that message she said she is very tired with her work (she works in the accounting department in...
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    Solar return sun in 8th or progressed sun in 1st

    I did a solar return for 2021 and I have SR sun in 8th house, along with mercury and Pluto. SR venus is in 7th house. How should I interpret that with my progressed sun and progressed venus in 1st house and progressed mercury in the 12th house? Because these house placements are very...
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    Who is he chatting with?

    My boyfriend is very busy with his work and we hardly text during the day. He is calling me less and less because of too tired. But he tells me he loves me. I respect that he is busy with work so no time to talk with me but lately I see him on messenger a lot during the day and at night. I...
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    How does he feel about me now.

    Hi, I am very new to Horary Astrology, I am trying to interpret the chart. I would appreciate it if someone could shed some light on this. I am saturn in my own sign Capricorn in my 12th house. He is Sun in Capricorn in 11th house (his 5th house). There is no major aspects between saturn and...
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    Are we going to break up?

    am totally new to horary astrology. I have a question and here is the chart I got. I would appreciate it very much if you could share your views. Thank you in advance. - I am the querent in Libra (17"45") in 1st house. Significator is Venus in 11th House but very close to 12th house. The sign is...
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    Is there a way to confirm my Ascendent?

    I was told by my mom that I was born at around 6:30am. So I am a Capricorn Sun, Cancer Moon and Sagittarius rising. I am not totally sure if I relate to sagittarius ascendent and sun in 1st house. Is there any thing that I can do to confirm my birth time? Thanks.