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    Is this the chart of a possible political leader?

    I deleted my old forum posts and inadvertently deleted this unwanted one as well. I will write it again. I don't plan to make any more threads on this topic. Do you see in my chart a political leader or not? If not, why do I want it, according to astrology. I am sure I am a leader but I am not...
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    How does my 8th house act in my life?

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    Wealth and economic activity in my chart

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    What are the dominant planets in this chart?

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    Is my Sun in the 12th or 1st house?

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    What do you see politics or military?

    Wh how eliminate this.
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    What see un this chart? Lawyer, bussiness or artist?

    Mamamelo astrología
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    I can't decide on a career. Help

    What do you think??
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    I don't know what to do

    delete for a good reason. please