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    does he like me???

    i’m new to horary and i’m a little confused weather he likes me or not. thoughts?? i think he only sees me as a friend? also is it to early to ask the question? it’s in the early degrees of libra (i hope the link works)
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    i have a cancer stellium but i don’t relate to it???

    hi forum ! i have a cancer stellium but i never really related to it? (cancer sun, venus, and saturn) i don’t have any opposite signs in my chart and i’m not really so sure why i’ve never really related to my cancer placements especially bc i have a stellium? link to my...
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    what does chiron conjunct to nessus mean? is this a negative aspect? please help !

    hello ! i am new to learning about nessus and im confused on what my chiron conjunct to nessus mean. my chiron is in capricorn and it is in my 12th house. i haven’t heard anyone talk about this aspect yet. if someone could explain that would be nice ! thank you <3