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    Overall interpretation regarding legal issues

    I forget where I read this information (maybe cafeastrology or astrodienst, from their automatic natal chart interpretation) but I think my chart demonstrates issues with legal trouble, usually leading to a negative outcome, and hence recommends that I pursue no such action. Can anyone verify or...
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    Going through a difficult phase in our lives- does it correlate with transits?

    Hello everyone, I have a selfish request but I would like your help, I need help understanding what is going on. I have been going through some big changes in my life since 2018. There were highs and lows, but I took decisions I thought were best. In 2020 June I relocated to be closer to my...
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    What kind of chart would show current problems in a relationship?

    Would it be transits to a composite chart? Or should we look at natal charts separately? The way I see it, if a couple are facing the “same” troubles, or have issues due to being in a relationship (combined problems like issues with kids, family or day to day personal work, and also “your...
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    Question about conjunctions in composite chart

    We have 3 major conjunctions in our chart I would like more details on: Sun conj. Mercury, 10th Moon conj. Pluto, 6th Jupiter conj. chirion, 2nd, but also retrograde. I understand the first but the second two, I cannot interpret how that might apply. Any ideas?
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    I would like to know my faults

    Hi everyone, I would like to know my possible faults based on my chart, so I might be able to improve them or be at least aware of them. I believe that there are some things we will never notice about ourselves unless it's pointed out, and a chart might be the best place to start. I've had a...
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    We seem to be arguing constantly!

    In the synastry chart, inner circle is mine, outer circle is his; I have a strong Sun trine his Mercury and Moon, and we communicate amazingly together. We love through talk. We've talked about and shared ideas, dreams and emotions we've never said aloud to ourselves (Composite Moon in...
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    Houses relating to parenting?

    What houses would you focus on if you wanted to understand about how you would be as a parent? Would 4th house be sufficient? But doesn't that just relate to the "home" in general? I was also thinking the 5th house but I read somewhere it only applies to the first child, and you'd have to look...
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    Stable Saggitarian

    At least that's what he calls himself. As a fixed earth sign I'm vaguely offended that he's more stable than me. What do you think? Does the stellium in Capricorn stabilize his saggitariusness?
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    Indicators for rocky times ahead?

    What aspects would show difficulties ahead for a couple? More than aspects, I'd also like to know what chart to use. Would a composite chart be good for this? Should it take into account progressions, or just keep it plain and simple? I'm worried. Nothing between us is traditionally compatible...
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    Unlikely match- what do you think?

    We met out of the blue, and decided to get married, in a span of 3 weeks. I meant to whet the Uranus bit of my chart pertaining to relationships through this ("relationship has to be unusual, or else it won't last!"). Still, don't worry, I haven't gone absolutely loco. Anyone care to give their...
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    Is Taurus Manipulative?

    [edited overly-long quote against Forum rules - Moderator] What do you think about this piece? How much of it do you find correct? You guys can find more about your own sign from this link, too:
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    Guess this person's traits!

    As the title says. Let's see how much we can work out!
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    Proving my 12th house Venus right

    (Others are also welcome to share their Venus in 12th experiences!) I cannot begin to explain how utterly upset and devastated I am about this placement. I'm not a kind who tries to look for doom and gloom, and I know that there is no such thing as perfect. But this is beyond endurance. My...
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    Cause of mysterious 'depression'?

    Every year since 2007, I fall into a deep 'depressive' state around the months of mid September to November. It is worst during the 1st week of October though. It is just odd- I feel like I am highly attuned to everything that's going on around me. I will not be able explain why I start crying...
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    Silly questions about Lords and Houses

    I'll try to ask by using an example: My 4th house, according to Vedic astrology, falls under the sign of Virgo. Virgo is ruled by Mercury. The planet Mercury sits in the 10th house. So, the Lord of 4th house is in 10th, right? Second question: My 4th house is empty. So does it mean there is...
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    This might be it...

    I don't like going into steady relationships, because my situation is difficult. I have my family, I have my hobbies, I have my job to keep me occupied and happy. Still, I wish I had the courage to settle. Recently I met someone, and the more we see each other the more he convinces me that he...
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    On the edge of everything!

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to learn about progressed charts, and I've started off by trying to interpret mine. I understand and appreciate the progression of the faster planets- we change and grow into our next 'stage' or sign- for me, Taurus Sun learning the qualities of Gemini, ascendant...
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    Please help me read my friend's chart!

    I have a very close friend who I care about. He's currently not into anything- into a relationship, into work, into friends, into nothing! He's not very worried about this, but still he asks me if anything will come out of his life.. When I saw the chart, I wondered what it was- the personal...
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    Pluto opposition Sun - Death of Father

    Don't worry guys, my father is fine :lol: I read an interpretation of this aspect on a blog (, and I have to say, it is slightly true in my case. My father seems like an amazing person to me- he is intelligent, understanding...
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    Please help - I've hit a snag...

    I graduated a year ago, and I want to go for further training. I've tried applying here for postgrad but my efforts were just blown away by the wind. I'm now desperate, willing to move out, anywhere... I'm tired of this inactivity, I know I can do so much better if I leave. Does anything in my...