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    Will I finish my PhD on time and well ?

    Hello everyone! I am in my final year on my PhD and a few months ago I raised the chart attached. It came at a time when my two supervisors were doubting my motivation and my ability to finish my projects on time. When I asked the question i was starting to doubt myself as well. Background...
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    Void of course Moon in Medical Horary Astrology

    Hello forumers, I am an intermediate level in horary astrology but not so experienced with medical charts. I am trying to read the chart below. I was basically asking "Will my allergic reaction go away (soon and for good)?" Background: Four days ago I went to bed with minor itching in my...
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    How many oppositions can one encounter?

    Out of all aspects, the conjunction and opposition are probably at the heart of synastry. But how many oppositions can one statistically encounter when comparing two charts? A few weeks ago a new colleague joined the department at work. There was an instant mutual liking and once i learned his...
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    Do I have an STD?

    Hello, I woke up this morning with a dread over my head that eventually led to me asking the question below. "Have I been infected with an STD?" Little background information: Ten days ago I was on vacation and I had unprotected sex with someone I met there. I should have known better and...
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    Will I achieve the desired body in 6 months time?

    Hello fellow forumers, If you can look beyond the vanity of the question you might see the peculiar nature of its horary interpretation. This thread is about medicine and health and so I felt it would be more appropriate to post my question here. The thoughts going through my mind when I...
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    Re: Health insurance claim

    Re: Health insurance claim Dear forumers, My horary question deals with my claim to my health insurance company regarding a doctor's visit from last November. It appears they are bullying me into dropping the claim at my own will. Little background: Following my doctor's visit, I submitted...