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    unusual ongoing health problem

    Hello, since early 2015, difficult. time consuming & expensive medical treatment. Unusual health problem. When do you think this will end? Likely born with the propensity to develop it. Dr's staff often lack service. Hardly anyone works in this field, too far into it to go elsewhere, others...
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    Hello I live with abusive sister. When will I be able to move into home of my own? (trying to win money; not eligible for loan). Parents died last 5 yrs. Next few yrs will get 2 amounts of money, but it's only reimbursement of own money put in, due to expenses etc. No 'inheritance'. 14 May...
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    unbearable living situation, when will it end?

    Hello Sorry if uploaded chart incorrectly, can't find instructions. Previous thread, can't find it to work out how to resurrect.Thankyou to all who replied. Both parents unexpectedly passed. Living btw room in sister's (8 Mar 69) house & our parents' house. Will take about a yr to go through...
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    what am I up against? how long?

    Dad, mother's carer passed. Mother now nursing home, very difficult to be around her many problems & the nursing home itself & all its problems. So many things to do managing her affairs, medical situation, house, garden. Overwhelming. When she passes creates different set of problems -...
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    what happened to my Dad? me and my home

    Hello Dad: 16 Feb 1934 - 6.55pm 17 March 2015 Me: 14 May 1974 (all in Australia) What can you tell me about my Dad? I know it sounds ridiculous, but will he come back? Why did this happen? Grew up regional city (Shepparton), moved to Melbourne (state capital). Should I permanently return to...
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    Will Prince William's marriage to Kate Middleton last?

    William born 21 June 1982, Kate born 9 January 1982. This chart on Kate might help Also found Sun: 18°54' Capricorn Moon:14°21' Cancer This one for William looks more helpful...