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    Will I move to my desired location?

    Edit: The question/thought was formed wrong to the actual scenario which makes the answer incorrect. Also I asked two questions at once which I think would conflict the answer as well so-
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    Looking for lists of things ruled by each astrological sign

    Hi I need lists of items or places or other things ruled by/linked to each astrological sign or planet (but mostly interested in sign). I found one about professions ruled by each sign which is useful but I need more. Like people, items, feelings, places, colors, darkness, light etc. And not...
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    Solar return chart, large 1st and 7th house.

    My birthday was 10 days ago and I just did my solar return chart. My 1st and 7th houses were very large, each was in four signs, what does this mean? The 1st house started in aquarius and ended in Taurus and consisted of Jupiter and Neptune. While the 7th was from leo from scorpio and...