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    House Cusp Orbs

    I'm not always sure how to read planet aspects to house cusps. what prompts this question is a transit Pluto on my 8th H cusp and upcoming Cap FullMoon.(I like the cafe astrology interpretations of new & fullmoons in houses) Also how do you look at house cusp orbs in relation to Natal and SR...
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    exorcising the planets

    I have an extremely difficult 12th house solar coming up and I'm looking for ways to deal. The only suggestions I have gotten so far are to relocate for the return, which I cannot do, I wish I could. If I had realized how possibly bad this could be I would have started six months ago> planning...
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    12th House Sun solar

    Hello, I am new here. I have been reading your posts and this seems like an astro-educated, objective and trustworthy group :sideways: am I right? I am facing a 12th house Sun Solar + mars & Saturn & 7th house plus other maleficents...and I am deeply worried, I can post the chart I downloaded...