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  1. guardian00angel

    Crossing Chiron/Pluto (DOUBLE WHAMMY BADDIE!)

    Hi! First things first, I had no idea I was already part of this community! :LOL: I was looking for a forum where I can talk about my issue and this website looked welcoming! When I wanted to register, it said I was already a member and I was like HUH? It seems I haven't been on here for 4...
  2. guardian00angel

    Aquarius = Valentines Day

    Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! :biggrin: ~(^w^~) (~^w^)~
  3. guardian00angel

    Career Suggestions+North Node

    Hi guys, :joyful: I'm looking for career suggestions based on my chart. I'll also put in my progressed chart, just in case. When I was young, I wanted to be an animator, but my father didn't support it and as years went on, I realized that I never put full commitment or good structure or...
  4. guardian00angel

    Interesting how we choose the Avatars we choose ?

    wow, beautiful name indeed :happy: and how befitting that it's given an equally beautiful meaning later on! :biggrin: I think one of the most incredible things about humans is our ability to transform, to change like a caterpillar to a butterfly. I definitely changed a lot, comparing my 17 yr...
  5. guardian00angel

    Prog. Ascendant conjunct Saturn

    I'm interested in hearing stories regarding this aspect since I am dealing with it now. I also don't mind stories involving Saturn conjunct Asc. transit because I think them to have similar effects on people. Before I share my story, I wanted to list my natal aspects. Aquarius Ascendant Pisces...
  6. guardian00angel

    Ascendant and Appearance - do they match up?

    I kinda look like an Aquarius rising... I can make pretty weird/derpy expressions lol, and I seem girly when I wear feminine clothes, but talk to me long enough and the girly demeanor disappears. I'm one to run across the street with a dress or heels on xP I also am one to complain that my...
  7. guardian00angel

    Saturn Venus hard aspects - What's your experience?

    The story about asking a coworker for help was when I was 18 lol, it was the only thing that i could think of for a good example at the time. I'm 23 going on 24 now and I'm much better at saying "No." It was really hard for me to break from being over-sacrificing because I learned it from my...
  8. guardian00angel

    Saturn Transits: what is your experience?

    When I had Saturn conjunct both my progressed Moon and progressed Ascendant, it was a terrible, TEEEEERRIBLE time for me! I couldn't continue college. I just wanted to be left alone and I felt no emotional comfort at all. I felt like I was shattering apart, that I was shutting off and I wanted...
  9. guardian00angel

    Pluto Opposition Moon Synastry

    I've had this synastry with three people in my life and I was always the Moon. From my experience, this synastry aspect is similar to the moth being drawn to a flame phrase. The Moon being the moth and the flame being Pluto. Pluto is like the 'devil in disguise' and the Moon is mesmerized...
  10. guardian00angel

    The effects of Saturn Oppose Moon In A Birth Chart

    I have Moon square Saturn also. What you wrote really spoke to me, especially the ones that I made bold. When you said you wondered why people liked you when you felt you hadn't earned it, that really made me think... I push people away because I fear they will just reject me for being too much...
  11. guardian00angel

    the thank the universe thread

    I thank the universe for the existence of love <3 I thank the universe for 2nd chances. I thank the universe for healing. I thank the universe for yummy food~! ^^
  12. guardian00angel

    Saturn Venus hard aspects - What's your experience?

    This is something I'm trying to learn. I realize I am easily shaped by my experiences in a bad way. I take what happens to me and let it put me down immensely. For example, I was truly affected by a co-worker that refused to help me when I asked for his help politely. I felt rejected and that...
  13. guardian00angel

    Favourite element

    ooh, nice question. Hmm... I would say water signs as well because I love their compassion and care. I believe the world needs more compassion <3
  14. guardian00angel

    Venus Trine Ascendant

    I'm a Taurus with Gemini Venus trine Ascendant too! :w00t: Except my Ascendant is Aquarius. :tongue: I think the aspect can make you charming, attractive, and likable. ^^ Since Venus creates harmony with how you express yourself, other people feel that harmony and therefore find you...
  15. guardian00angel

    Squares and Oppositions w/ People my Age

    Thanks!! :biggrin: Yes, I have beaten myself up to a pulp in the old, no more of that!! I met someone back in 2016 whom I shared a very 'soulful' connection with. He taught me the importance of self-compassion and since we don't talk anymore, I believe in honoring our relationship by...
  16. guardian00angel

    Squares and Oppositions w/ People my Age

    Hello readers! I found something very interesting while looking at my natal chart and synastry to people born in my year, 1994. In my natal: I have Gemini Moon, Mercury, and Venus in 4th House I have Pisces Saturn in 1st House. My Saturn squares my Moon, Mercury, and Venus. My Virgo Chiron in...
  17. guardian00angel

    Chiron retrograde in 7th house! I need advices...

    Hiya Jake, I am one of those who has Chiron in 7th house, but not in retrograde... I can feel your pain friend, that fear of not having a good long-lasting relationship and I have never been in a relationship before, but I've had major crushes that led to terrible heartbreak... I want to share...
  18. guardian00angel

    Whats your venus dress style ?

    Hey! I just read that you're a gemini 4th house venus! Same here as well! :lol: Except I'm a Taurus sun. I like active wear too! I don't wear it often, only when I'm going to jog, but i do like the style of most athletic wear. Anyways, my dress style.... I would say I like to wear pink, dark...
  19. guardian00angel

    Neptune Conjunct Saturn

    Thanks for taking your time to correct a noobie like me. The natal chart with eros was actually an old chart I screenshotted years ago for a friend to give me insight into my love life. I didn't bother to change the choices of asteroids since. But I have changed them now thanks to your...
  20. guardian00angel

    Neptune Conjunct Saturn

    I don't see a lot of this out there, even though it's supposedly said to be the 'Dark Night of the Soul' on I do feel like I am in the dark night of the soul. But I wanted to know if there's anyone out there that can describe their experience with this. I want to know i'm not alone in...