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    Introduction and natal chart question

    well your chart is kind of interesting in the area you are asking about attractivness etc its full of polarity if i may on one hand you do have what some astrologers would consider sexyness or sparky like venus sextil uranus this could cause sudden short relationships with sparks flying but on...
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    what do you think of my chart?

    you having mars and north node in 9th house in aquarious could tell that indeed you do need to find a way to travel or move abroad you might be able to use your trine with uranus in libra in the fifth house to help you to do this so maybe move abroad with friends or light relationships things...
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    Could someone read my chart and explain some of the main things that stand out

    do you have one or two t squares? those could have important meaning they say difficult aspects are more significative
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    Is the Paranormal Impossible? Are Miracles Impossible?

    there is a physical world and an ethereal world how can people explain the lines some people see when taking rooms or the feeling that some energetically sensitive people get when talking to somebody or some people know when someone is about to call things like that its all mysterious but we...
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    Is the Paranormal Impossible? Are Miracles Impossible?

    well once i was with a friend in a park it was about 9 pm on a warm summer night he was sitting on a green bench and i was in front of him he was telling me something some kind of joke he was drunk he is not that bright either so all of the sudden i see this blue light like an sphere of light...
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    Corona virus pandemic 2020 jokes

    of course he does :lol: this thread is funny i hope i meet some toiler paper special person some of this days hahah wtf :lol: hey why did the chicken stop crossing the road? because was out of breath because he eated bat soup hihihi yumm yumm and got sick with coronabeerus :sick: god bless...
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    Corona virus pandemic 2020 jokes

    dammm you did fool me hahahaha! the picture of a grown up riding a little colorful horse hahaha xD some of them are white with pink eyes hahaha :lol: hey bill gates is now a covid expert at least his known for spreading operating systems prone to viruses! close enough for me! :tongue: i trust...
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    Why do women disrespect me?

    it acctualy could be saturn opposition venus, in the case for a long therm situation, but having venus opposite uranus and mars square uranus maybe could help you to have more of a short term thing at least i guess, could it be mercury in cancer? maybe the way of communication of mercury in...
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    Storm of the Century - the Blizzard of '49

    thats a interesting video wow how were you able to walk with that much snow is amazing, is it your hypotesis that has something to do with the eclipses?
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    sorry that you have to deal with this stressful situation, but, this is might be just the ups and downs of emotions in relationships, i dont know if astrology can explain that, astrology could explain the general energy of you both guys but each action could be just an emotional mistake or...
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    Insights beyond my own

    maybe you could make another thread with your chart from im also learning maybe all people are busy who knows :pinched:, i dont know how to do synastry
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    One good one bad point

    yes those fast learning skills are very uranian, i was talking about being a capricorn sun you could be pessimistic from time to time thats the negative, but having the sun close to mercury in sag might compensate, as mercury sag is quite gregarious and happy go lucky, sometimes tend to...
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    Alone forever?

    a lot of people like pisces energy thats 4 sure, taurus, virgo, cap, scorp, cancer, would flow with it keep it simple, look for earth water type trust in energy compatibility, it works
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    One good one bad point

    hmm good poing, stellium in aquarious, you might be good with high tech, gadget, maybe you are an agent for change, you might be a revolutionary, and innovator, electric energy, on the down side hmm i see no down side, i might be too optimistic, i dont know if you are (cap sun) :lol:
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    Curious about my Mars

    I think you are right whiteoak we can learn a lot from our placements sometimes the more difficult ones are the ones that we learn the most from i think three m symbols is being very precise and accurate with his reading :sideways:
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    Full moon in Scorpio and Scorpio moon natal chart

    hi amiga i have moon in scorp too hmm not big deal just more energy at night working harder on work projects and feeling that im in a good path yeah those spentaneous things sounds like uranus full on hope u do something good with those uranus thoughts :wink: yeah more energy with moon in scorp...
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    Curious about my possible Stelliums(?) in Virgo & Cap

    yeah pretty much 5th house in cap sounds like it taking creativity, art seriously as a step by step approach learning bit by bit creativity and logic, yeah generational uranus change sign every 7 years and neptune 14 so when they get together theres lots of stelliums in that period but is still...
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    Is there anything positive?

    yeah no problem it means to me too as im just practicing really im just a beginner too but you are very good for 6 months, yeah investing sounds good i see investing as uranus kind of thing as all investing is internet now, so pretty high tech, its good that you think about your family thats...
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    Feel very scattered and anxious all the time any signs of why in my chart.

    Well some astrologers say that having a planet at least degrees creat anxiety, your mars is in 29 leo almost virgo, which is known for being anxious sign, that could be it, it is in 7th of relationships btw for luck maybe we can look at juptier in sag which is a good placement in his ruler...
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    Help me read synastry chart

    at least there is a soft aspect between his mars and her venus and a soft aspect between his venus and her jupiter:alien: