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    Should I go back to work tomorrow?

    Should I go back to work tomorrow? Or rather quit? Thanks!
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    Prenatal new Moon

    In what way is a prenatal new Moon chart helpful and what are the guidelines for interpretation? Thanks
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    The cycle of the Moon and the Nodes

    Dear friends, I wish to know how to interpret the position of the Moon in relation to the Nodes. What signifies when she is in south latitude, coming from south node towards the north, and vice versa? And what when she is at 0 latitude, ie conjoined with one of the nodes, or when she is...
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    Should I buy or not?

    This might be a silly question, but anyhow.... ...after a few years of disinterest in astrology I've become drawn back to her again, and I amozoned a few books. Now, when I saw two more books which i want to read a dilemma aroused in me. Since i live on savings and am not planning to get a job...
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    Another harmonic chart

    I do not know much about harmonics. I see them nothing more than a tool which allows to see aspects more clearly. Usually I don't pay much attention to secondary or even tertiary aspects unless they are exact and the planets involved are stronger in the natal chart. In this 7th harmonic chart...
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    When a progressed distance is same as natal

    I'll start with an example. Years ago I had an experience which has changed my way of being. I have become an another person. Later I noticed that at that time the distance between my natal Sun and Moon and between progressed Sun and Moon was the same, only in the opposite direction. Namely...
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    Subdivisions of the Signs

    How important you think are the subdivisions of the signs? For example my Sun is at 13 degrees Libra. This is in the second decanate which is Aquarian. If we go further, we find it is in the second quarter of the decanate which is Piscean. Thus: Libra/Aquarius/Pisces. How important you feel...
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    A good book for beginners?

    Hi, can you recommend a good book(s) on vedic astrology for beginners? thanks
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    Towards the end of capitalism?

    Just few years back, looking at the ephemeris how Pluto was approaching Capricorn I couldn't really imagine a change of the world system which seemed - although crooked - robust in its fundamentals. Is this still so? When Pluto entered Capricorn the economic crisis have been beginning. And...