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    Sexual Addiction / Preoccupation

    Alright, so ever since I was a kid, I have been very sexual. I was introduced to pornography by older kids in the neighborhood at age 6, and watched it regularly since then. Through self reflection I have realized that my sexual desires have controlled me in a sense. My sexual desires are...
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    Are there any placements that would point to potential racists?

    I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas regarding racism, what placements might one expect to see? If any. Thanks .
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    Aquarius disappearing act

    Hello everyone, I know this is sorta generalizing so I decided this would be the proper spot to post. I've used a lot of online dating since I come from a small town and don't go out much and I have noticed that Aquarius people tend to pull the disappearing act a lot. Like they're the ones who...
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    Asteroid Wisdom & Chaos interpretation?

    Hello, I recently discovered that I have asteroid Wisdom closely conjunct my Pisces Sun. And I have asteroid Chaos exactly conjunct my Taurus Ascedndant. Can anyone tell me how these should be interpreted? Particularly Chaos. I'm not sure if it's good or bad, I've read mixd things about it...
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    One minute from next sign?

    How would you guys interpret this? Would you still consider this to be 100% the sign you're in? Or would you consider this to be in the next sign? I am asking because I have a 29 Degree MC in Capricorn, but if I had been born one minute later it would be an Aquarius MC.
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    What should I expect? Transit Pluto conj. multiple points

    Hello, I was just wondering what I should expect for this transit, Pluto in Capricorn will be conjuncting my Moon/Uranus/Neptune/Psyche/Dejanira, not sure how important the last two are, but mainly curious about the conjunction to the Moon. Right now it's already loosely conjunct (within 3...
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    Moon conjunct Psych & Dejanira

    How would you interpret Moon conjunct/parallel to Psych and conjunct Dejanira in my chart? My moon is also parallel to my Descendant.
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    How would you interpret Mars Opp. Regulus?

    Hello, I realized that I have Mars opposition Regulus with a 0 degree orb. I was wondering what this might mean in my chart. Any feedback would be appreciated.
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    What can you tell me about this person?

    Hello everyone, I have a friend that wanted to know a few things about herself. I was wondering if somebody could decipher the meaning of the 12th house stellium, I know that stelliums are of great importance but they're all different so if someone can tell me what hers means that'd be...
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    Possible to predict when/how i'll die?

    Hello everyone, lately I've been thinking a lot about death. I was wondering if somebody could help me determine when or how I will die if this is possible. To be more specific I would like to know if I will die via murder. I think we all have a fear of death, some more than others. I am not...
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    How to deal with my emotional pain? (Long post

    Alright, well I would like to start out by saying that I have a deep wound stemming from a betrayal of people I thought were my friends, and the feelings of anger/sadness from that led to me feeling repressed because due to the circumstances I wasn't able to do anything to "avenge" what...
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    Attracting the wrong types of people?

    Hello all, I just came to ask a question about my chart, about 4 years ago on Yahoo Answers , before I discovered this forum I asked a question regarding if I attract "bad" people and I had many of the top answers tell me that yes, I will attract shady/violent individuals, I don't remember why...
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    Difference between Mars sq/opp Saturn and Mars Conj. Saturn?

    Okay, so the reason why I am asking this question is because my brother has a Mars square Saturn as well as a Mars contra-parallel Saturn where as I have a Mars conjunct Saturn as well as a Mars parallel Saturn. I was just wondering, would this alone create a significant difference in our...
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    Anything in my chart that supports reclusiveness

    Everyday I find myself to be more and more annoyed with people in general. I find them to be selfish, immature, narrow minded, egoistic, and sometimes just down right ugly (personality wise) .. All I want to do is help this world, help the world change for the better but at the same time humans...
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    Any signs of mental illness or impairment in my chart?

    Hello, I was just wondering , are there any signs of mental illness or impairment in my chart? Any signs of learning disabilities? Thanks.
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    What is my purpose in this life?

    What am I here for? What is my purpose?
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    Does my chart make me wise?

    I have heard that the last four signs of the zodiac (Sagitarrius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces) are wiser than the rest. I have a lot of influence in these 4 signs especially Cap Aquarius and Pisces. I have a Cap stellium in the 9th (sagitarrius house) and then I have a Pisces stellium in the...
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    Astrologically Speaking (Video)

    I just saw a youtube video about a guy that goes on vacation and his girlfriend doesnt' know he left, she goes haywire thinking he is just giving her the silent treatment. What astrology aspects/signs do you think is related to her behavior? Or is this simply a normal way all humans would react...
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    Cursed When it comes to Love?

    Hello, I was wondering if my chart would indicate that I am misfortunate or "cursed" when it comes to love/romance. I know I have a Venus conjunct Scheat, and also have venus on 12th house cusp, I have had very bad luck in terms of relationships, I seem to attract very unpleasant individuals...
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    House Cusps in the chart

    Hello I was just wondering about house cusps. All this time I thought that I had Venus on the12th house cusp. I was reading that if it's within 30 minutes of the next house that it can be considered in the next house.. Then I realized that planets move clock wise as time progresses so instead of...