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    Abuser/Abused Chart - Retrograde Plannets

    Hi All, Ive reading about aspects showing home abuser or sexually confused criminal type of profiles and just before that I realize one of my friends have this chart which Ive been given persmisson to share Taurus Sun - Scorpio ascendant ( Jupiter in Scorpio-) - Focus on Sex an pleasure...
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    Synastry vs Davison vs Composite

    Hi All. I was wondering if any of you could help me to understand the differences between synastry , composite and davison charts or if there is any information about it somewhere in the forum that I can star reading. I understand the differences regarding how they are built high level.. but I...
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    Will this last longer than a sneeze? Uranus in the composite

    Uranus in the Composite Chart squared Moon, Sun and Jupiter. Ive read that Uranus is a deal breaker, and the fact the plannet is squaring everything plus sun Oppostion moon and moon opposition venus do not leave much hope. Am i Right? I was wondering if the other positive aspects could...
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    Composite Uranus squared Venus, Sun, Jupiter and Moon :O!

    Hi al l:crying::crying: Is there any chance this will last more than an sneeze? All your thoughts welcomed Thanks Mabelle