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    Career need suggestion

    Hi all, I am writing in this group for two years. I need help in my life. I am unable to find a job. I tried my best now I am tired and depressed. I have studied Masters in Engineering from Europe. DOB - 25/03/1994 time - 2.20 - 2.24 pm afternoon place - Serampore, West Bengal Please reply...
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    Help me to find purpose of my LIFE

    Hi all, I am writing again in this group. I tried asking regarding my career previously but there is no change since then. It is been 1 year now. I got so many interviews but still no job. In some interviews, they said I am the candidate and I was at the last round but then they rejected me...
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    please reply me

    Hi, I am writing for my career and job. Which led me to depression and anxiety. I am searching for a job but I am not getting any response. Can anyone help me when will I get a job? Please help. dob- 25/03/1994 time-2.20pm afternoon place- Serampore, Hooghly, West Bengal, India current...