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    When will I get a job?

    Hi everyone, I have been applying for a lot of jobs and having a lot of interviews but I either don't hear back at all or get rejected. All my interviews have been amazing, so there is nothing that I know of that I can improve. I research and prepare well for my interviews ahead. I'm a...
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    Will I get the job?

    Hello everyone, I have a job interview on 5th May. I'm really excited about it and doing all the preparations that I can to leave a good impression. I want this job a lot. Will I get it? Thanks in advance!
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    When will I get it?

    Hi everyone, I am waiting to receive an important piece of document by post. It is in relation to my change of residence. When will I get it? Thanks in advance!
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    My partner is not contacting me. Please help!

    Why is my partner is not contacting me? (Please help!) Hello, I'm currently very worried. My partner and I are currently doing long distance because of travel restrictions. The last time we spoke was a week ago. This is not normal for us to not talk for a week. We usually talk once in 2-3 days...
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    Lost my data ... please help!!

    Hi everyone, My computer rebooted suddenly last week and after restarting, all the previous data disappeared. I've been trying really hard to recover all the data but haven't been successful. I'll bring in my computer to a tech person this weekend for another trial. Will my data be recovered?
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    Will I go on a trip this month?

    I had an assumption that I'd be going on a trip this month. It is a short trip, travelling in the same country for a couple of days. Will I be going on this trip by the end of this month or will it be next month?
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    Will I get the visa?

    Hello everyone, I have applied for a visa that had been delayed to be approved due to some missing documentation. Everything has been provided now. The decision will now be made in a court hearing on or after 12 February. Can anyone please tell from this chart if I will get the visa? If yes...
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    Read my chart for career and marriage

    Read my chart Hello, I will be grateful if anyone can read my chart for my marriage, specifically for its timing, and my career prospects in the next decade. I am engaged but want to know more about what my married life might be like. Also, is there any move or relocation seen from my...
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    Appeal in court

    Hello everyone, As I have already posted in this forum before that I have been having some problems related to my visa. I had recently become aware that now it is in the appeal process in the court/tribunal. The hearing is expected to take place within the next two months. I am very stressed...
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    Visa and Marriage

    Hello, I am having trouble with a visa that I applied for a few months ago. Is it possible to know if my visa will be approved? Since there has been a delay in my marriage plans because of this, is it possible to know when will my marriage take place? I'll be grateful for any insight!