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    Free Choice When Can You Use It?

    Yes, this location of a planet would affect your physical appearance and influence your available 'will' energy; but probably from a unseen/subconscious perspective too. Awareness work from you may be able to identify when this planet is affecting your 'will' in a more conscious way.
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    Own children

    Hi Star Light The Babylonians first used the equal house system. It is where from your Ascendant, the houses are numbered 12, with each house being 30 degrees in size. If you overlay it on your posted chart it will place your planets and points in certain houses. This will aid with...
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    Is this caused by Moon square Pluto?

    Hi COV His Mercury and Mars square your Mercury/Jupiter area in your 8th, which can create tension and lots of energy and his 'need to know' and 'need to chat'. But because your Mercury and Jupiter sit in your 8th House, his Mercury and Mars wants to know what your more private 8th House...
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    Current transiting planets close together - Moon, Venus, Neptune and Jupiter!

    Yes, if only we could have 'clones' of ourselves, and one could watch the transits live 24 hours, while the other version can go about just living and doing its thing. Astrologer Joseph
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    Current transiting planets close together - Moon, Venus, Neptune and Jupiter!

    Yes, tracking the Moon transit over the monthly 28 day cycle is really powerful. You can essentially follow your daily/weekly emotional journey around your chart. It’s also a good way to learn about your natal aspects as they get activated by the Moon's movements over the month. Saturn crossing...
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    Current transiting planets close together - Moon, Venus, Neptune and Jupiter!

    Hi David Flowing with them would be an understandable attraction! Although with Mars and Mercury present, I would be interested to hear how you express the unavoidable daily thought and action impulses. On the Ascendant is an advantage, as it is more of a 'conscious' point. Curiously, are they...
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    Current transiting planets close together - Moon, Venus, Neptune and Jupiter!

    Hi Astro. Community Interested to see how this stellium of planets being so close together by way of transit is affecting your Natal Chart? How are you going to use the energy of this special collection of planets this time of month? Are you noticing any rising energies in you or in the...
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    Is the 4th house a relationship house?

    Hi Wan I have found that before the Saturn Return of the person, the 4th house does come into play in regards to sensitivity and values being a factor in forming relationships and how much a person's 'comfortable' with their partners at the time. After the Saturn Return, the chart has...
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    Need advice please

    Hi Sharen Waiting until the moon is transiting and conjunct the part of fortune would be a better day. Astrologer Joseph
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    Free Choice When Can You Use It?

    Yes, largely just a euphemism. Look for planets conjunct within 10 degrees of the angular points of the chart, including 4th and 10th houses cusps or MC/IC conjunctions. Also, the planet ruling the signs of Asc/Desc will influence the strength of a person's 'Will' energy.
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    Free Choice When Can You Use It?

    From all I have seen to date 'Will' is evident, which is largely embodied by the personal planets and the Ascendant/Descendant axis, as well as any planet (including generational ones), conjunct this axis. It is inevitable that this 'Will' has the urge to express itself. However, whether this...
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    Free Choice When Can You Use It?

    Hi Opal With human eyes we often think that free choice is the only way. But through the eyes of the inner eagle and its multidimensional nature, this belief becomes increasingly laughable. The deeper one goes into the rabbit hole, the more stranger things become. At these depths the illusion...
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    Sun/Jupiter conjunction and feeling horrible

    Hi Angelik My suggestion is to use the equal house system with chart interpretation. This would place your Sun in the second house, and yes with Jupiter transiting this house it can bring weight gain. But this can be linked to lots of things, only you know the root cause. Sometimes we gain...
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    What drew you to astrology?

    Hi Anjelawaterman Thanks for your question, it's great to see so many people commenting on the thread. You mentioned that you're an undergraduate student doing a project on 'what draws people to astrology'?. Is this correct? Good for you, I hope your degree leads to employment in this...
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    Social Worker for Children Career potential?

    Hi LonelyLion Thanks for these summarized aspects. Just thinking, to get a more wholistic picture of your career prospects, are you able to post an image of your chart? Just the wheel is suffice, no other details are required. Happy to then provide a comment for you. Astrologer Joseph
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    North node conjuct Chiron in synastry?

    Hi Shelbie1972 This synastry means that you will each be able to learn from each other's wounds. There is something in him that makes him feel vulnerable, unsure, insecure and not confident. He is going to want to fix this area, or at least work to fix it, in order to make these difficult...
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    What to expect with a Libra 12th house?

    Hi Know The Pluto in the first house may make you work in extremes and draw to you situations that feel like they require a rebirth/deep transformation. While your Uranus conjunct Venus can have an Aquarius influence on your love matters, including how you give and receive affection. Neptune...
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    Astrologer ~ New to Community

    Thanks all for the warm welcome and happy to be here! Already seeing some interesting threads & topics :)
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    Uranus rx in 7th house has any exception?

    Hi Knowledge The retrograde effect can internalize a planet's energy. In this case, it can make for moments of Uranus expression and then moments of thwarted energy. This provides experiences that do not come out freely in this person's long term connections (all types included not just...
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    The Saturn Uranus conjunction of 2025: what to expect on a personal level?

    Hi Shynerd Saturn conjunct Uranus = just think...restriction and structure rubbing up alongside the shoulder of rebellion and the urge to challenge structure. It's a force and tension that creates a big friction! And where it falls will largely depend on other energies and aspects in your chart...