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    The contact of the female planets with each other

    Hello friends. I wonder what might be caused by the T squares of the female planets. moon conj Chiron (1 degrees) which is in opposition to Lilith. And Venus makes square with all three planets. im man :))
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    T - Square

    Hello friends. I'm interested in your opinion about my T-Square, which I will try to give you. My Sun is located in the 6th house of Taurus which is at 18 degrees and is connected to Venus which is also in the 6th house and also in Taurus. The Sun makes Trine with Uranus and Neptune which are...
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    What does 2 people having the same midpoint chart mean?

    Hello astrologers. My midpoint chart and my wife's natal chart are the same. What can you tell me about that? I'm a little confused
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    read my chart

    hey there . Can anyone read your chart? What is my strong point and what am I doing wrong tnx :innocent::innocent: [please post a birth chart - Moderator]