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    Stuck on what career I should go for

    As the title says, I am unsure of what career is best for me. I do not have the best grades but want to go into the medical field. Which career would be best for me financially? Also, are any respiratory diseases indicated in my chart? I have also posted my rasi. Thank you!
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    Is this synastry good for a longterm relationship?

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    Will I get a job soon?

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    Have I met my future husband?

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    What is my husband like

    Hi! I would like someone to tell me about my partner's appearance and personality? I am in a relationship right now and would like to see if he matches up my future partner's characteristics.
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    Help reading my boyfriend's natal chart!

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    Potential Spouse?

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    Spouse and Career Prediction ?

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    Fire Ox and Metal Dragon Compatible ??

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    Is he my soulmate??

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    do we have a chance or am I delusional ???

    I met this guy online and we've been talking for 4 months now. I was wondering if anyone could read our synastry chart and see if we are compatible and have the potential to have a long lasting relationship in the future? Any help is appreciated!!