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    my sister chart- personality

    Hello, I don't know about your chart :sideways: but I think you're doing the right thing! (care for her much! :) )
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    Should i try work as private security ?

    Hello, just don't do it. :rightful::crying: You need to study something (Full 9th house; Saturn on 3rd.). :ninja: How about it?
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    my sister chart- personality

    Hello! :sideways: She likes to be wild, which is why she doesn't want a partner. (Leo asc; Mars rules the Sun in Aries...) :sad: :happy:
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    Help sun in Aries at MC

    Hello mathias, after a long search of doing hard to do career options, you did the right choice and came to this forum. I must tell you that a transportation career would be adequate for you. (Mercury conjunct MC). :joyful::sideways: It's better to decide late for the right way, than to never do...
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    What will my future husband be like?

    :innocent: Hello Lost, your future husband will be great! Trust me well, indeed, because you have a Pisces M.idheaven. So it's good! It signifies a trusting and admitting partner. :biggrin: Greetings,
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    sudden changes on SR?

    Hello :) A move out of the country is not recommended (Lack of aspects...) But love and romance is indicated (Venus on Mars)) :) ... :biggrin:
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    my sister chart- personality

    Hello myapie, your sister doesn't want to go into a love relationship easily because (Venus in 9th house) she is looking for the perfect partner. :whistling: It's so. Your sister has a good personality, too. So be good to her! :ninja:
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    Will I be able to find a new flatmate?

    Hello! As a friendly advice (looking at charts), I gather, that you need to be a lot into love relationships (5th house), then you will be successful generally, in life. Just try it! :) Keep focusing on this search two hours per day. Then you shall be successful. Also, keep being romantic (!!)...
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    Venus in Aries and Pisces in Mars

    Hello RedRoof, Aries in Venus and Pisces in Mars means for you that you are very direct usually always when it comes to love. :happy: Your chart looks really rad; but Astrodienst is a better chart
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    Would I do better as an Art Teacher or Therapist??

    Recommended would be Art teacher, because of the Cancer ascendant (intuitive and imaginative) Sorry about the adderall.
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    Good relocation place for Career?

    Hello UraSatVen, probably it would not be beneficial (very much) to change your location, so you would lose the Sun in 10 and Saturn in 4 stellium, it seems, because your chart is a indeed great chart, and should not really be changed much, unless you want a worse future... Saturn in the 4th...
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    Will I be able to find a new flatmate?

    Hello ScorpAsc5, :) the chart says: Yes, you will (Saturn and venus) :innocent: But you have to make effort (Saturn) Any ideas?
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    The cheesiest question for horary

    Hello Arto (m/f?) :) you likely won't meet him. :sad: Sad to say... But you will meet special friends, of course... :innocent:
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    House that rules casting agencies

    Hi, never mind Thanks
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    thoughts about my chart re: personality & future

    :innocent: .. ) Neptune in the first house lets you say against enemies if you believe... For example enemies that are bad or ugly someway. Neptune is a bringer of luck in astrology, sometimes. Because Neptune rules higher mind, often :joyful:
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    NN conjunct Chiron in Solar Return

    Your ascendant and Moon is in the Via combusta.. How do you feel about it?
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    Lilith means darkness. never mind the other things
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    ! When will I be a leader at my Job? :)

    Hello, "when will I be a leader at my Job? is the Question :sleeping: :) Maybe You can help me... ) The twelfth house cusp is in a bad degree (12), so momentarily it's not possible. Maybe you can See more. :wink:
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    Confounded by Spica...Relocation Horary

    :whistling: Yes, you should likely Because the 4th house Rule is The same as the Fifth house... Testimony is Yes
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    Is addiction showed in my chart?

    Hello GeminiSun, dear, :whistling: GeminiSun, addictions are indicated by heavy Mercury-Neptune aspects usually. In this case there is a low-Quincunx between Sun and Neptune, so the answer is Yes. But... Sidereally, the Moon protects you, because it's also in Quincunx to Mercury (softness in...